Framework 13 and Ryzen 9

Will we ever get Ryzen 9 for the framework 13, or will that only be for the 16?

I would like to see a framework 13 motherboard using a ryzen 9 8945HS or an Intel Core Ultra 185H using an Intel W790 or AMD X670E respectively.

I don’t believe there is a Ryzen 9 within the TDP envelope available currently anyways.

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The Ryzen 9 would be too hot

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It’s all about thermals and battery life.

There are currently 5 Ryzen 9 laptop chips: 7940hs, 7845hx, 7945hx, 7945hx3d, and 8945hs.

The 7940hs is the exact same chip as the Ryzen 7 7840u already available in the Framework 13 except tuned for around double the power draw and around 10-30% more performance depending on the load. That additional power draw and heat output would mean higher temperatures (requiring a louder cooling system or a major system redesign to fit more cooling) and worse battery life. Not a worthwhile trade-off IMO.

The 8945hs is just a 7940hs with a faster NPU (AI processor).

The 7845hx, 7945hx, and 7945hx3d are actually based on the desktop 7900x, 7950x, and 7950x3d respectively just shoved into a laptop form factor. That has various tradeoffs that I described here such as even higher power draw, worse integrated graphics (meaning dedicated graphics are almost necessary for anything more GPU intensive than web browsing), and not having integrated support for USB4 docks/eGPUs (requiring a separate USB4 controller chip). There is not enough room in the Framework 13 for better cooling, a dGPU, and a USB4 controller.