WANTED: Second hand main board

Hi all,

New to the Framework community. Was won over by the upgradability / quality of execution for the Laptop 13. It really is very well designed.

I’m looking to buy a secondhand mainboard for my coolermaster kit, I’m hoping here is a suitable / permitted place to ask.

Many thanks in advance


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Welcome to the forum and sure you can create a topic especially for what you want, it does not have to be a general topic.

So I’ve amended the title a bit, If you don’t like it title, you can change it back :slight_smile:

What board do you want?

Ive been looking to upgrade to a new ryzen board when it comes out, i was wondering what i should do with mine, ill keep an eye on the thread when i upgrade but hopefully you can get your hands on one


In case you can’t find something here, the Framework Market subreddit is a place to buy/sell used hardware.

Thanks for the replies / pointers.

@amoun Thank you! Much better :slight_smile:! I’m hoping to order a Ryzen mainboard later in the year as and when funds allow, but I’d be really interested in buying a second hand 11th (or 12th) gen board for my cooler master case.

Thanks @Azure, I’ll take a look at the subreddit, too.

Thanks again for the replies so far!