Framework 13 - the blind user's perspective

Hey folks! My FW13 DIY arrives in a few days and I’m beyond excited. I’m completely blind, have built desktops and upgraded other laptops for years, and the framework assembly instructions are the best I’ve ever seen for doing this kind of thing… The text, not the pictures. When the laptop arrives I’ll take a crack at disassembling, inserting parts and getting things going. I’ll update this thread with any questions / feedback after I’m through. :slight_smile: Thank you framework for standing for the right to repair and providing us a viable alternative to single use computers!


Welcome to the forum! Your post reminded me that there was an earlier discussion (link) about finding physical locators on the mainboard, started by another blind user! It’s full of interesting stuff that may prove useful to you.

Some of the installation guides are pretty light on details that would help, but it would probably be good to get them added. :slightly_smiling_face: