Framework 16 & 2x 4k Monitors at 60hz

I have a Framework 16 (7840HS) with the dGPU running Windows 11, Lenovo Thunderbolt 4 Universal Dock, and two Dell S2721QS running at 4k. If I set both monitors to 4k and 60hz then one of the monitors stops working (goes to sleep because no signal) but if I set each to 59.94hz then they both work. I previously had a Lenovo X1 Carbon (9th Gen) and was able to run both monitors at 60hz fine. I’m curious if I’m missing something or if this is a known limitation.

I understand there’s probably not much difference between 59.94hz and 60hz so this is mostly curiosity.

Sounds like a bug to me. Are the monitors connected via the dock or directly to the laptop?

They’re connected to the dock using DisplayPort. The monitors saying they’re connected using DP 1.2.

To me this sounds like a reporting difference, and the other device that “works” isn’t actually running at 60, but rather just reporting 59.94 as 60. Obviously I don’t know for sure.