Framework 16 browser flicker

I am wondering if anyone else is running into this.
Running the latest windows 11 on my 16 with the dgpu.
Latest bundle from framework and gpu drivers from amd.
After starting the machine i can open either brave or chrome to YouTube and when i go to play a video, the frame will flicker black and stutter for like 10 seconds before it starts playing correctly.
I was getting driver timeout errors but those seemed to go away with the latest drivers from amd.
I have tried doing a fresh install but that didn’t help.
Setting the browsers to power efficient gpu in windows and even eco option in amd didn’t seem to make a difference.

What browser are you using, and what version is it? I just ask because I had to do some tinkering with firefox to get it to allocate more memory to each tab so 4k videos could buffer properly.

Brave and chrome. This is with even just 1080p 30 content. Nothing special at all.

What version are they on? Also have you check and update your drivers since April? I just know there has been a bit of driver weirdness on the Framework 16, and you want to be on the latest bios. Basically teething problems with the new AMD platform and framework is not the only vender with bios revisions needed.

Not currently home but both browsers are on the latest and i updated the bios and bundle to the latest release from framework as well.

Another thought are you using the APU or optional GPU as your primary display adaptor? I ask because if you have 2, try switching and seeing if it makes a difference. Also are videos the only thing causing the flickering, or do other pages or apps cause the same issue?

Just trying to narrow down if it’s a display adapter issue, and browser issue, or connection issue.

I have the graphics settings in windows for the browsers to use the apu.
It was happening with other applications like steam and wowup. Changing the setting for those apps to use the apu seemed to fix it for those applications but not the browser.
After about a minute or so of getting a video to play, the issue goes away.
I can try and change the settings to have it use the dgpu and see if it continues to happen and report back.