Framework 16 on 100-140w charger

Hi there! Quick question for the lucky ones to have the FW16.
Did you try to use it with/without the dGPU on a 140w or 100w charger? How much performance is gained compared to battery only?
Thank you in advance!

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Without dGPU, the max power draw is about 90W. So you get max performance but not much battery charging

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And with the dGPU?

I don’t know, I don’t have one

Anecdotally, I see equal performance if I set the power profile to either Balanced or Performance and I’m connected to my Dell monitor through USB-C. I believe the monitor only provides 60 W, so the battery discharges, but it takes quite a while.

I only see a performance hit (specifically, during a game where I noticed a massive drop in FPS) when the battery gets low enough that the power profile switches to Power Saver.