Framework gadget and stickers

For those to whom this particular mission is part of the reason to support Framework…



Sweet, especially love the dots on the i’s. Attention to detail is everything.

@ImaxinarDM :slight_smile: sed -i ‘s/circle/torx/g’ original.txt


@nrp time to cash in on some merch sales. :sweat_smile:

I’m having some 3" circle stickers printed.

Hey everyone, I went ahead and made a T-Shirt for myself on Teespring.

Huge thanks to @A_L for their T-Shirt mockup that inspired my final design. Since I do not want to make money on the design as it’s not my logo or company, I have made an Imgur post that has all the photos you would need to make your own merch. One thing that I think could be improved on is that the vertical “right to repair” text could have a version of the photo that already has the framework logo implemented on it.

I also made a mockup for a face mask, but I think I can make a better one, so I’ll check out other design sites before I settle on buying one (if anyone knows of any sites, please let me know!)

Thank you @nrp for giving us permission to use the logo to make merchandise for personal use. I know that the company’s main goal right now is getting the current laptop batches shipped out, as well as opening the marketplace and opening shipping to other countries, but official framework merchandise would be awesome! It would allow people who can’t afford a laptop to still be able to financially support the company, and it serves as free promotion for those of us that wear it proudly.

I’m excited to hear what you all think of this!

Edit - I could not find the exact font that the framework logo uses, so I settled on using Kinetika Semi Bold which looked close enough to me.

Edit #2 - I went ahead and made the face mask. You can buy one with white text here and one with black text here. I am making no profit off of these, as you can see below.

Hopefully with open access to all the photos I used to design the product, as well as with no profits being made off of these sales, it is okay to post a pre-made listing. I only put it up so that people can purchase one conveniently instead of having to design it themselves. If this is against the rules however, I will promptly take it down.


@CSab6482 You could create a Teespring (now Spring) unofficial shop. When the site ask you the price of the products you set to 0.00$/€/£ profit/sale.

I don’t know if it could be considered as “personal use” :sweat_smile: .
That’s an idea for those who want to have a ready-to-buy product.


Fair point, T-shirts are now available for sale!
White text - USA
White text - EUR
Black text - USA
Black text - EUR
I am making no profit off of these, and the listing says it will only be available for 20 days, but that is a limitation of the website. I will relist it or have it set to automatically relist.


@CSab6482 That’s great, I’m glad you ran with the design, those look very neat! I had gone with the Chandas font but Kinetika has a nicer bold heft to it

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This could definitely be done! Just make a TeeSpring account and choose the “Start designing” button in the top right

After that, use these photos to customize whatever merch you like!


This was almost suspiciously easy to set up and I’m not sure if it actually works, but made a T-shirt design with the back featuring large Torx logo with the framework name within it…

Same setup I think as @CSab6482, have set to the zero profit level. @nrp of course happy to take down if anything amiss with this arrangement.

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Some more fiddling with graphic design, this time with colors! First one with a palette from a company that made a name for itself decades ago with hardware focused on empowering its users, second one from the Pride flag


My face mask came in! The wrinkles block some of the design, but it’s still really nice to have :slight_smile:


There is a new topic where you can post your fan art Framework Fan Art 🎨🖌️ .
Feel free to take that and turn into real merch, following these rules:

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I hope once the market place opens up and the Framework team gets a chance to breath that they sell official merch. It definitely has potential to make them a decent amount of :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:. Especially if they can find a way or company to make it made per order so they don’t have to spend more than what they are actually going to sell. For now I guess I’ll stick to the amazing art this community has made Following @nrp’s rule of course.

What would you like to see as Frameworks first official piece of merch?

  • Hat
  • Hoodie
  • T-Shirt
  • Laptop Case/Sleeve
  • Stickers

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My shirt finally came, after a month, then one gentle wash in cold water and air dry and it’s already falling apart and I haven’t worn it yet :stuck_out_tongue:


You have the right to repair it, with a needle and thread and maybe a hot iron.


@Ris I was going to say that Linus from LTT has basically made a merch company from scratch at this point so he might be good consultant seeing as he is an investor in framework (though I know investor does not equal employee…)
But you make a good point that they would want it integrated with their normal supply chain for orders so maybe that’s not relevant.


@zarbuvit Honestly, I think he will be a great resource for them! Especially since, like you said, he created Creator Warehouse from the ground up and now has a proven method of success. Maybe they could even do a partnership and use Creator Warehouse for now until they can get things up and running. Who knows? The possibilities are endless with the Team they and Linus have. But I do agree it should be all integrated so that it is seamless and probably more cost effective.


Kinetika is pretty close, thanks.
But has anyone found the font actually used?