Framework gadget and stickers

There are some stickers freely available ?
And there are some gadget to buy ?
I know it is expensive but I think it could spread the mark, and people love stickers :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably it is not the main goal now but in the future why not.


Either the Team, or somebody in the community, should take this up. Moo, VistaPrint and several specialized label printing companies are just waiting for the order. You’d need to get vector graphics of the logo from the team, and do something creative with it.

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A “Built not Bought” sticker with the Framework logo would be sick!


I would love a couple stickers. I usually throw them on things I carry frequently. My water bottle has my lock pick logo from Sparrow. This would go well opposite that

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Making one wouldn’t be too difficult. I use Sticker Mule and they’re pretty good at cleaning it up. I just need a good vector or high-res raster to submit.

1 Like doesn’t allow uploads of svg vector graphics, so here’s a link

Hope it works for you.


Looking through the html, here’s a direct link to an svg file of the logo and namemark ( - it may be invisible at first because it is white on a white background, but opening in inkscape, selecting all, and picking a color should make it appear


Wish I knew about this svg earlier when I was making backgrounds for the 3:2 wallpaper forum thread

Perhaps you should check with @nrp that he is happy for you to create stickers using their logo. I imagine he may be but I assume the logo is trademarked and it may depend upon how you intend to use it. (I am a (non-US) retired lawyer!)

If you’re creating stuff for personal use or non-commercial sharing with friends, feel free to go ahead.


I made some mockups of T-shirts with built not bought and the logo on it. Honestly I might order myself one.


Printful is my go-to for making personal T-shirts of designs non-commercially!

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It’s a good saying, but a bit of a misnomer.

The majority of the unit is bought.

I was thinking more along the line of the pricing commercial

Frame.Work Laptop - $900
My parts - $500
My time - cheap
Repairability - PRICELESS

(arbitrary $ used)


What about

I built my own laptop!
Thank you, Frame.Work!

Edit: May have to be limited to DIY buyers :thinking:

For those to whom this particular mission is part of the reason to support Framework…



Sweet, especially love the dots on the i’s. Attention to detail is everything.

@ImaxinarDM :slight_smile: sed -i ‘s/circle/torx/g’ original.txt


@nrp time to cash in on some merch sales. :sweat_smile:

I want to buy / wear / use / stick some merchs. Please have some on sale!


I’m having some 3" circle stickers printed.