Framework Fan Art 🎨🖌️

I haven’t seen any framework laptop fan art post anywhere so let me start by sharing some of my designs for the framework laptop graphic.

Not sure why but this forum can’t share SVG files. If anybody needs those files, I could upload it somewhere else and send you the link. Feel free to use any of my images for whatever you wanted.


This design can be used for laptop sleeve like this.


Lovely! I’m a sucker for isometric design

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@Sat0xshi, not gonna lie this is dope. Especially that Laptop sleeve looks really mental.

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Please feel free to share your fan art! Or anybody got some cool fan art idea b please share.

Maybe Framework gadget and stickers could turn into real merch.


@Sat0xshi Love the art! Thanks for making this! Definitely count me as a +1 if there’s a sticker pack available with these :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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