Framework Gamepad controller

I think it would be amazing if framework would make a gaming controller, but with all mechanical buttons and switches, hall effect wherever possible, and fully replacable and modular buttons, similar to the fully modular io on their laptops. I would buy a gaming controller that was built to last for pretty much anything under $350 if it had easily repairable, long lasting parts. Please Framework, the world needs repairable gamepads.

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i know it wont happen, but id love if they partnered up with steam to make a modular and repairable steam deck-style controller, like it has slots for trackpads, joysticks, buttons, and dpads, and its modular in that 1) you can swap them around, for your ideal position of each unit, and 2) you can mix and match them, like if you want 1 dpad module and 5 button modules, you can

and that way if thered ever a new input style, if it can fit in a module you can make one for it

That’s pretty much exactly what I was thinking

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A modular controller would be awesome.
-easily changeable buttons so you could change between xbox/sony/nintendo button labels would be a game-changer.
-replaceable battery and analog sticks would be a must.
-additional steam deck-like controls would be highly desirable, the 4 rear buttons/paddles and at least one trackpad.

However, for me to buy one, $350 is way too much for a controller.
I would also require it to be able to remember at least 4 separate bluetooth connections so I don’t have to repair it every time I want to switch to a new device. An additional non-BT dongle would be a bonus as well.

i do agree $350 would be way too much

id say $100ish would be somewhat reasonable, especially with the modularity it would be a premium controller

being able to remember multiple bluetooth connections is also a must, id say at least 3 would be fine for most people (though more is also useful), and a 2.4GHz wireless connection is also a good thing to have

id also say it should be able to do wired over usb-c

a bonus of things like replaceable analog sticks is they can put a version with the old potentiometer sticks, and a version with hall effect, and you can just buy replacement modules if you want one or the other

another thing is having it closely knit with steam input means it can be configured for things like, say, 3+ joysticks, for some more niche games that play better with extra inputs (like flight sims maybe?)