Framework Gamepad

I’ve been looking for a game controller that’s easy to repair and find replacement parts for, but couldn’t really find anything really made with repairability in mind. I ended just deciding to buy xbox controllers since they’re popular but couldn’t help to think that we need a company like Framework to make game controllers.
I’d love to be able to simply open up the controller and swap modules when something breaks, or when I want an upgrade like hall effect joysticks.

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Isn’t that funny, I’ve started working on one.


That’s great to hear! I’ll be looking forward to it :grin:

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In terms of repairability, I would think Xbox and Dualshock controllers parts can be found.

I recently repaired my dualshock 4 (thumbsticks and the 10pin cable) and changed the microUSB B connector to a USB-C one. I also changed the D-pad to a separated one. But in terms of actual upgradability not so much. The joystick modules need soldering though =\

But yes, a modular upgradable one would be great but not sure that would put it into the price their of a Thrustmaster eSwap or something price tier


I saw this video for the Panda Gaming controller half a year ago and was surprised we hadn’t seen something like this sooner. Sadly Panda has had some controversy lately and in finding this video I learned that this controller has even been postponed due to the inability to get some of the parts.

That being said, I would love to see a company take an idea like this, even the idea of magnetic replaceable shells, common, standardized screws, and the ability to get button and joystick kits from a store like the Framework Marketplace would be amazing for gamers of all kinds! I also love the idea of locking cables all based on USB-C that can allow for custom sleeved cables, or even compatibility with consoles that only take wired controllers like the original Xbox or the GameCube.

I wish someone would make something like this that didn’t suck (and also had Sega, Xbox, and Playstation options) as well as letting you swap the joystick and dpad.

I am waiting on a guy on youtube to finish his new custom PCB for the PS4 controller. I previously used his USB-C charge board to replace my spoiled MicroB connector.

I am kinda waiting if he can get Hall Effects Sticks on the PCB. Maybe he can fit the Gulikit Electromagnetic Module Joystick for Steam Deck inside.

The first video is out already, he does a good job!

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Yup, waiting for the custom PCB with Hall Effect Sticks :smiley:

Hey guys. I am new here :slight_smile:

Die you already have a look at the 8BitDo Controllers:

I have the wireless Pro on my HTPC and I am very happy with it.