Framework joined as a brand

Framework retweeted this tweet from Printables. I am excited about this news.

Starting a 3D Printing Revolution – Introducing Official Brand Profiles on - Original Prusa 3D Printers

For a few months, we’ve been talking with a couple of giants in their respective industries. We’re excited to announce the first brands to join and share official 3D printable models for their customers, fans, and their community:

Framework Computer

The computer manufacturer Framework, known for their easily repairable and upgradable notebooks, already has an active community on Printables. Framework joins the community with their 3D printable Mainboard Case. Once you upgrade your Framework notebook, you can use the leftover mainboard and the 3D-printed case to create a high-performance single-board computer. All you need to do is insert the memory and plug in a USB-C power adapter.

And the community of makers on Printables has already started publishing their own creating for Framework computers. For example, user egeltje published a holder for spare modules, when you need to carry more of them with you. And user whatthefilament released a model, that converts a Framework Laptop into a tablet form factor.

Framework Printables page

Here is a list of the current 3D printable items related to Framework contributed by Framework and the community. If you have some files to 3D-print related to Framework Laptop, it might be a good idea to upload them to the site.

Interesting fact

  • It seems that the company, Prusa Research organizing Printables is a Czech-based company. The office is in Prague where I live. :wink:

Nice little feather in the cap of both Framework and Printables. Thingiverse used to be the go to for finding published 3d printable models, but has all but lapsed into abandonware. Thangs and Printables are stepping up to fill the void, but not everything has been moved over just yet.

Printables also has a user rewards system called “Prusameters” that can earn you filament, swag, or if you really save up an entire new printer. I think you have to pay a shipping fee for the rewards items though, so it’s not entirely free. I’ve been on Printables a lot this week, and have earned about 1/6th of a free roll of filament for doing what I ordinarily do anyway.


Thanks for sharing the info. It seems that you are familiar with the 3d printing things.

Did you use the word “filament” literally as filament? I couldn’t understand the meanings of the word you used in the sentence.

Filament is the term used to describe the material being extruded from a 3d printer’s extruder nozzle. Saying that he is 1/6th of the way to winning a free roll of fillament just means that he is working on being able to get a roll of PLA (there are many kinds, PLA is one of the most popular) for free as a result of the rewards system.

Hope that makes sense. :+1:

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I should have included in my last reply this link to the rewards items available, which might have saved some confusion: Printables

@junaruga Yes, I meant filament as the thin round strip of plastic that gets fed into the 3d printer, which ships all rolled up like the images you linked to.

As @2disbetter said, PLA is one kind of material that is made into filament and fed into 3d printers. There are quite a few other material types available. PETG is what I use more often, though, for a few different reasons. I am working on improving my printer setup and skills at producing flexibles like TPU, and very strong materials like polycarbonate next.

“Swag” is a generic term for items (often with a logo or other advertising on them) that one might receive for free (or at very low cost) in a rewards system, at a trade show, or similar.

@2disbetter @D.H Thanks for explaining it! I think now I was able to understand what the filament is.

I couldn’t access the rewards page you mentioned, as it requires the account. However, I found the Printables person’s tweet below. And maybe the first photo is a filament, and the second photo is swag. I knew what the swag is.

And PLA, PETG, and TPU (another material?).
I am studying it by watching the video now below. :wink:

I found a media article about this news.


Prusa and Framework are similar companies in their respective industries in vision, to the extent that they even use similar looking (or same? take a look Prusa / Framework) guides for building their products. I have both the DIY versions of Prusa i3 MK3s and the 11th Gen Framework, so I think that it’s really cool that they’re both working together in some sense.