List of company or individually driven projects

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Parts management

Expansion card

Hardware using expansion card

Mainboard based



Input Module (Framework Laptop 16 only)



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Media articles about the Framework community eco-system


Note from The sudden growth in cyberdeck projects comes out of the convergence of three th... | Hacker News .


The sudden growth in cyberdeck projects comes out of the convergence of three things:

  1. The mechanical keyboard DIY and modding community.
  2. The availability of small ultrawide LCDs, mostly from the automotive space.
  3. The Raspberry Pi ecosystem.

We’re basically enabling that community with a higher power x86 option.

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Appreciate the thread! Thanks for making it!


This is very cool! Thanks for maintaining the section on wikipedia as well.

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Embedded Controller Mods - DHowett

@DHowett What Mods stand for?

OK. I found the “Mods” is a short for “Modifications” by searching on internet.

I added the “Monitor” section. But which is the best word in “Monitor”, “Display” and “Screen”? I also want to know the sentence “Glider, 60fps Eink monitor built-in Framework Laptop”, and especially the passive verb “built-in” is correct as English to express the project. What do you think?

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My opinion - “monitor” refers to a separate device. Laptops never have internal monitors, if you’re referring to a monitor with a laptop you’re referring to an external monitor.

“Screen” is a little more appropriate but not very definitive, not very technical. A little old-fashioned perhaps. Not specific.

“Display” is the best terminology to use.

Built-in implies the manufacturer installed this as the device was being built, as if it was like this from the factory. Better to use “internal” so that it’s made apparent that this is NOT an external device but it’s inside the laptop. Could also use the word “replacement” since it replaces the factory-installed display.

“Glider, 60fps Eink replacement display”


Thanks for explaining the words! I learned from you. I updated the section with your suggested ones.


I added the “Optima” on the first comment.

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Updated the Orbit Research - Optima Braille Laptop Computer. However, I see their official website’s news page has a challenge. The latest news is about the product introducing Framework. And it manages all the news articles in one URL, loading unnecessary hidden data including past news from the browser. And we cannot cite the specific news page on this design.


I’d suggest a Reuse heading for any projects reusing FW gear to make something new, eg the RP2040 Input Cover board by CRImier


You can edit the first comment as it is a wiki! I am happy that we try your way and we will see how it works.

added Armorsuit as a skin option. as far as i know nobody has actually bought one though.

Thank you for adding the Armorsuit Skins link!

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If skins are listed here, then should we add any commercial products that are designed specifically for Framework laptops?

I’m thinking of custom cut keyboard stickers. They list Framework as a brand they support for custom shaped stickers. I messaged them about Framework-16 stickers, and it seems to be no problem. This was their response

We can adjust the size of stickers perfectly as long as we have dimensions and a photo of the keyboard.
So far we’ve made Framework stickers without any problems.

You can proceed with creating your custom set here: Custom Keyboard Stickers Builder | Keyshorts
If possible, please send me a photo of your keyboard in a reply to the order confirmation email. I will be checking the keyboard before putting the final product to print. Frameworks are pretty new to me and I need to be super careful in order to provide the exact fit :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions!

They have many options. Background color, text colors, multilingual sets. I haven’t needed them myself, but they sound good.

Added under Keyboard.


Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. I think any commercial products are company-driven projects. Thanks!

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I noticed that the RS-232 Framework Expansion Card wasn’t listed, which is offered for sale here.

Also missing are

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