Framework Laptop, fedora 35. Pressing the power button a few times hangs the laptop

Long story short. When I walk away from my computer I have a toddler that likes the power button since its lit up i suppose. my toddler ends up double/triple clicking the power button, and then the laptop keyboar is lit up, and so is the power button LED, but the screen is black. i cant get back to the login screen without having to fully power off the device.

is this a “framework” laptop bug to report, or should I report this to fedora?

Edit: Bonus question: After I do a hard reset I get 4 options that show up when I boot up

Fedora Linux 5.15.14-200…
Fedora Linux 5.14.10-300…
Fedora Linux (0-resuce…)
UEFI Firmware Settings

Which one of those should I choose?

1st one. Here’s a list of what each one does:
1 - Boots into the latest kernel version
2 - Boots into your last kernel before an update, useful for rolling back kernel version if something doesn’t work (e.g NVIDIA driver)
3 - Rescue image, never used it so I’m not sure what it does
4 - Boots you into the UEFI Firmware (also sometimes referred to as the BIOS)


Thanks. What do I do though in terms of my “bug”. Is this a framework hardware issue @nrp ?

It’s unlikely that this would be a hardware issue, though it’s unclear what is occurring. If you’re not on BIOS 3.07, we would recommend updating to that as a first step.

I am on latest bios (as the fedora 35 article linked out to updating bios). But yeah. In general… if I’m on the user login screen, my toddler just clicks the power button a few times, and then bam. system unusable because its seemingly stuck “on” (power led and keyboard backlight is on) but the screen is not on. To get out of this mode I have to hold the power button for 15 seconds or so and do a full power off.