[TRACKING] Laptop sometimes cannot wake from sleep on Fedora

I am on the newest version of Fedora running 11th gen i5.

I’d say 1/10 times my computer enters sleep mode, I cannot wake it by pressing a keyboard button, moving my mouse, etc. I have to hold down the power button to turn it off and reboot it.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Do you have an external monitor at hand? I had what sounds like a very similar experience, and in my case, when this happened, if I plugged in an external monitor I could see that the laptop was running, just the built-in screen was black, and the keyboard/touchpad/powerbutton were “dead” until I did a hard reset by holding power button for 10 seconds.

It took a long time for customer service and me to work it out, but in the end I’m pretty certain one (or both) of the following fixed the issue for me:

  1. Mainboard reset (look up the instructions, but it involves pressing the lid switch 10 times. It resets the BIOS)
  2. Firmware update of my SSD

I can’t say which was the issue, but I lean towards the mainboard reset fixing my problem. It’s possible that flashing to the 3.03 left something in a wonky state. I did this fix on Jan 7th IIRC, and haven’t had an issue since.

It does happen most often with an external monitor plugged in. The power light remains on but everything becomes unresponsive.

How do I update SSD firmware on Linux?

Thanks for the info!

That sounds like it might be a different problem than I had - as in my case, when my machine ostensibly died, I could still plug in an external monitor/keyboard/mouse and use it. In my case, the input cover would die - the power light would be off too, but the computer itself was running.

Regarding updating the SSD firmware, it was pretty complex. Start by reading this thread:

Don’t give up hope!

After understanding the issue as described in the thread, I used the script here (note: it’s been moved, but read it and follow instructions anyway):

Which BIOS/kernel are you using?

sudo dnf install lshw dmidecode -y && sudo dmidecode | grep -A3 'Vendor:\|Product:' && sudo lshw -C cpu | grep -A3 'product:\|vendor:' && uname -r

Provide the output from the above please.

Since the error forces a reboot, let’s take a look at the previous boot when you’re forced to restart.

  • Suspend. It fails to resume, you’re forced to power off, power on.

  • Run the following at the new boot up:

journalctl -b -1 | grep -i suspend | less

Paste the output here. I’m looking to see if we can get an idea where the resume is failing.

I’ve literally just resolved this issue myself. I encountered it with deep sleep enabled, and a network drive mounted.

The network drive being in use would cause the system to never manage to enter deep sleep, which caused a rapid switching between waking and sleeping. If that happened enough times then it would cause the whole system to freeze up, requiring a forced power off to fix.

Now that I make sure any network mounts in Files (SFTP, FTP, etc) are unmounted before suspending, my problems have gone.

I know this is a super specific situation I’ve described, but hope that helps you investigate at the very least!

Reporting that I’m also facing similar if not the same problems. Running the KDE spin of Fedora on my Ryzen 7 mainboard and when asleep for prolonged periods of time it’ll sometimes refuse to wake up from sleep.

From what I’ve gathered from looking around the forums, it’s sometimes related to SSD firmware?? The Crucial P5 seemed to be somewhat infamous in the past, but I’m currently running Fedora KDE on a Crucial P3 at the moment, and I haven’t heard any issues with specifically those SSDs.

I’ll try to gather more data the next time it happens, including that journalctl comment mentioned.

Ah, yes, this would create some challenges. You would be surprised how common stuff like this is, but it never mentioned in the repro steps. Appreciate you sharing this.

I’d want to start here.

sudo python3 amd_s2idle.py

  • Post the results here please.

It seems for whatever reason, the specific issue of the laptop simply not waking up has disappearing magically. Although I’ve begun running into a slightly different problem now: Fedora KDE 39 - "The screen locker is broken"

Glad to hear this has been resolved, replied to the other thread.