Framework Laptop Review

Here are my thoughts about the Framework laptop after having used it, an M1 Macbook Air, and several other Windows laptops including a Dell Lattitude E5400, Samgsung somethingsomething (would be better not to name a laptop model random numbers and letters imo). I’ll just tag this as a feature request since I think some of the issues I’m going to point out can be fixed.

  1. Screen
    The screen on the framework is far too glossy. It’s really not an issue unless I’m working at home where I have a single overhead light and the glare is really bad. In office lighting it’s much less annoying. The MacBook Air has a fantastic screen and the framework is nearly as good, except for the problem with reflections. A touch screen with a (possibly) lower resolution and less glare would be nice.
  2. Keyboard
    I greatly prefer the shorter and clickier keystrokes of the MacBook Air. Also, the plastic is a fingerprint magnet and I wish they had used a coating with a refractive index more similar to skin oil to reduce the appearance of fingerprints
  3. Trackpad
    Both the Dell and the MacBook have Framework beat here. Having buttons is nice but at least the trackpad in the MacBook gives a consistent feel when you click near the top or bottom. The Framework has a lot of resistance to clicking towards the top and this makes it a little uncomfortable to use sometimes. The glass surface can result in a lot of friction, the approach some other laptops have of using a rough/dimpled plastic surface to reduce contact area greatly reduces trackpad glide friction, which I strongly prefer to the glass surface.
  4. Battery
    Battery life is terrible, with some adjustments to frequency and registry settings I can extend it a little bit by cutting down the CPU frequency when on battery power, but it doesn’t work that well. Max 2 hours gaming, 4-5 hours light use. All my other laptops except an old Lenovo one seem to beat the framework in battery life, including a Pinebook Pro (lol). The MacBook Air especially. While the CPU+IGPU in the framework is better and more efficient than some of the others, I think the huge screen resolution is making the GPU in it work much harder than it needs to, negating the efficiency improvements. I would like to see an AMD mainboard given their reputation of being more energy efficient.
  5. Lid
    Just a note, it’s a little too hard to get the finger in the lid correctly to open it. Just annoying because I have to be careful not to pop off the bezel when opening the laptop.
  6. Size
    In my opinion, this laptop is too small for watching movies, because of the screen size. I’d rather see a 17" or 18" version if the aspect ratio is kept.
  7. Expansions
    I would have liked to see more USB ports and also a full size SD card reader as that’s what my 4K camera uses. I think the bays should be more numerous and/or larger to support more USB ports.

Overall I think the hardware could use some improvement but it was pretty decent overall. Despite my complaints, I’m using it as a primary Windows and Linux laptop due to its repairability and decent performance. For the older games I like to play, the Framework laptop gives usable performance. However, for movies, writing, and web browsing, I find the MacBook to offer better value given I don’t have to be attached to a wall constantly, and the better trackpad on the MacBook is very nice for casual browsing on sofa or something like that.

I actually prefer the glossy display, seems to give better quality of image.


I can’t talk about gaming (don’t game much), but on light use, I easily get 7–8 hours and I’m running Linux (which has a reputation for being pretty bad at battery life). What exactly are you running where you’re getting 4–5 hours light use? And what does “light use” mean in your case?