Frameworks laptop hands on impressions and thoughts

I have been using the frameworks laptop now for over a week now and I’m extremely impressed. I purchased this laptop to replace my late 2012 macbook pro. However this laptop has not only quickly replaced my mac, but has also replaced my desktop computer as well. I have been very pleased at this laptops ability to handle dual external monitors with no issues as long as you don’t mind the increased fan noise. Furthermore, the keyboard on this laptop has been a pleasant surprise as I felt right at home coming from my macbook, but the feel of the keyboard is much better on the frameworks laptop. One of the things that I was worried about with this laptop was the magnetic bezel being to week and flopping around or coming loose when opening the laptop. However, this is not the case and I don’t notice a difference at all, except for the thickness of the screen being slightly thicker because of it. Despite the increased thickness of the screen on the frameworks laptop it is far flimsier then my macbook and the screen is quite glossy. I would love to see a mate option in the future, also a touch screen would be a nice added feature to have. My biggest complaint about the laptop is that the ports are actually two difficult to get out and are somewhat frustrating to change on the fly. However, I would rather this be the case then having them fall out all the time. The only other complaint I have is that the track pad has slightly shifted from when I first started using it and is razed up on one edge slightly.

Feel free to post your hands on impressions and thoughts bellow as well.


Does your touchpad stick or rub along an edge? There was an issue in a few batch 1 laptops. See here: My touchpad isn't working


The mid 2012 Macbook pro keyboard is the best I’ve ever tried. Are you sure the framework is better? Cause that sounds heavenly, but I can’t even imagine how a laptop keyboard could get better.

Don’t forget keyboard feel is subjective. Also, the macbook is from 2012, I’d be surprised if it feels the same as the day it left the factory.

All in all a good thing to hear though. I was never a mac person but I do respect the reputation for ergonomics in keyboard and trackpad (with exception to the butterfly keyboard).

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@banana The keyboard is defiantly different, and you may or may not like these differences. Overall the stiffness of the keyboard seems a little stronger on the frameworks laptop then my mac book. However, this is a new keyboard and my mac is quite old now so this may change over time. The other thing that I imitatively noticed is that stability of the keys is much better on the frameworks laptop again this may just be because it is newer, but I especially noticed it on the space bar which on my mac would lean to the side that was pressing it. Over all the feel of the keys on the frameworks laptop are largely consistent no mater where you press them. The other thing that you may or may not like is the travel distance and overall feel is different as well. The travel distance before bottoming out on the framework feels slightly longer, but the overall stability of the body is very good and I have quickly adapted to this keyboard as the spacing and layout is largely similar with the biggest adjustment being that I have to use ctrl key instead of the command key.

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@Atul_Ingle yes this is most likely the issue I am having.