Framework merch!

I’d love to rep for hoodie with a Framework logo on it!
I’ve seen companies like google, microsoft, linode, … put out a merchandise store.

You could just outsource this to a reputable (ecological) company, although this would still need active work designing and researching; it does take a burden of. Worth looking into I think! :relaxed:

Would you wan’t some FW merch?
  • I’d love some merch!
  • Not for me.

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Also, if you can - Post some ideas / designs in the thread! :pray:

(Maybe like make the framework stickers that come with the laptop available for non-FW-laptop owners)

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I would love to see a framework brand backpack or carrying case! I wonder if the R2R mantra will extend to these as well… :thinking:


I would like a zipped jacket/hoodie but considering how small Framework Team is, I voted no as I don’t want to put additional burden on their team of this size.

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Historically, there’s this thread, with a poll within:

:clap: I’m :clap: a :clap: fortune :clap: teller :clap:


Maybe you manifested it :grin:

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