New Merch Available in the Framework Marketplace

Hello, everyone!

We have brand new merch available in the Framework Marketplace!

Share your philosophy on Consumer Electronics with the world by wearing Framework’s first-ever merch. A heavyweight t-shirt made in North America from 100% recycled cotton in a unisex, easy-fitting cut. Artwork by our very own Anne Reed.

Currently, this item is only available in the US and Canada.

We can’t wait to see you wearing it :orange_heart:


Pity the link doesn’t work

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We’re sorry, it won’t work if you are located outside of the US/CA :frowning:


OK If I change the currency to USD then at least I can see them :slight_smile:
OK wouldn’t buy one. Framework is OK but the word computer.

I don’t mind being a framework but not a computer and the two together ??

OK will wait to see what’s next.

Fairtrade cotton seems more kindly that recycled. There’s liitle benefit in recycling cotton comaored to giving people fair wages

All the best


I would buy one that has just the framework gear icon front and center, and maybe “framework” under it. Less is more.

I’m honestly surprised that this shirt doesn’t seem to have Framework’s iconic logo gear anywhere on it.


Yep… I was more impressed with the one a forum member did with the logo even dotting the i’s.

I don’t normally comment on art, but it just looks terrible. Front and back.


I like It, it has its own style and is not just the brand logo slapped on T-shirt.
It’s just a t-Shirt ( that happens to be from Framework)

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