Framework NixOS (Linux) users self-help

I recently started having problems with NixOS on my Framework 13, 11th Gen i5. I am running unstable (kernel 6.6.34) and hyprland.

My problem is with external monitors. If I unplug one of my external monitors, what use to happen (say a month ago) was that any open windows on that monitor would display on my internal monitor until I plugged the external monitor back in.

What happens now is that when I unplug an external monitor, the windows that were on that monitor do not appear on any of my other monitors, and when I plug the external monitor back in, the whole compositor seems to crash or restart, and I am left with empty workspaces on all monitors.

Anyone else getting this?

And one other issue I started getting: whenever I boot or resume, the keyboard backlight turns off. I just updated to FW 3.19, but it was doing the same thing with 3.17.

This most definitely is an issue with Hyprland itself, check the logs of Hyprland when that is happening.
Logs can be found in $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/hypr
Crash reports are stored in ~/.cache/hyprland or $XDG_CACHE_HOME/hyprland

Once you have more info, search for similar issues on Hyprland’s Github

Also check, if this may be the issue

I just tried a system update on a AMD Framework 13, and I got the following errors running nixos-rebuild:

error: builder for '/nix/store/xp0dagn3p4v3nm24x51zrgwwwfl0lpnp-fprintd-1.94.2.drv' failed with exit code 1;
       last 10 log lines:
       > Program xmllint found: NO
       > Program python3 found: YES (/nix/store/z7xxy35k7620hs6fn6la5fg2lgklv72l-python3-3.12.4/bin/python3)
       > WARNING: You should add the boolean check kwarg to the run_command call.
       >          It currently defaults to false,
       >          but it will default to true in future releases of meson.
       >          See also:
       > ERROR: Problem encountered: Python3 module 'pypamtest' required by test suite not found
       > A full log can be found at /build/source/build/meson-logs/meson-log.txt
       For full logs, run 'nix log /nix/store/xp0dagn3p4v3nm24x51zrgwwwfl0lpnp-fprintd-1.94.2.drv'.

I update the system every few days, and I have had not any issues updating, or with the fingerprint reader until today. Any ideas how to resolve?

What channel are you on? Might be a problem on unstable and fixed within a few days. I haven’t had any problem on my end. Could you attach the full log output? You should find that with nix log /nix/store/xp0dagn3p4v3nm24x51zrgwwwfl0lpnp-fprintd-1.94.2.drv

It usually helps to check the main bug tracker for this sort of thing:

And after the fix is committed, Alyssa Ross’s PR tracker is your friend: (didn’t work yesterday, but today it shows the fix has reached both nixpkgs-unstable and nixos-unstable).

@Mastermindaxe , @Alex_Shpilkin Thank you both, everything was indeed working today. Going forward, I’ll keep an eye on the nixpkgs repo.

I “discovered” NixOS a couple months ago, so I’m still climbing the learning curve.

It is by far the best Linux experience I’ve had with the Framework, particularly with power management.