Framework Support Status Update - 12th Gen Intel Core Launch Edition

Hello friends!

What a day, huh? We’ve seen an overwhelming response to our announcements today and we couldn’t be more excited seeing reactions globally to what’s coming next for Framework. With new announcements and new product launches come increased inquiries and/or requests into our Framework Support team. We’ve seen a significant spike in contacts today and our support teams are hard at work at responding to all tickets in the order in which they were received. We kindly ask for your patience while we work through the queues to respond to any tickets you may have submitted.

We’ve evolved quite a bit since our beginnings as a support group and we hope you’ve seen improvements in both response time and quality of response. We’ll continue to grow our team in both capability and in size as we scale Framework and our products over time.

Thank you for believing in our mission and for your amazing support!


Are the new CPUs more power efficient? Would there be a noticeable difference in battery life if I upgraded

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@Sean_Whalen battery usage is similar between Tiger Lake and Alder Lake, but we’ve made optimizations in standby battery life in the Alder Lake Framework Laptop. Being transparent, if power efficiency is a gating factor for you in an upgrade decision, then the upgrade might not be worth it for you.


Thank you for the transparency. Guess I’ll wait for a larger compacity battery. Hope that’s an option soon.

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I wonder if this is statement is more valid for the Linux distros, or if the optimizations are deep in the Windows 11 system as well (from the little that I can see, you’re a bit restricted on what you can actually do inside Win11). Is it just drivers? Can you (or someone else) expand on what those “optimizations” consist of?

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Since 12th gen supports DDR5, will the board support newer RAM modules?

No, DDR4 only for these boards but tbh, the performance delta isn’t huge and the price delta for DDR5 very much is sooooo…I’m pretty happy they stuck with DDR4


Was just curious. I’m by no means upgrading my 64 gb of DDR4 and I agree. I think the price to performance gap right now makes it an unnecessary upgrade.

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This is a good thing. One day (Zen 4/13th gen) DDR5 will be mandatory and then we won’t have a choice, we’ll have to pay the DDR5 tax. But by then the price will have come down or at least stabilized. And all computer designs will be using it, so it’ll just be part of the cost of building a computer.


Interesting prophecy…

Framework team, I have a question. I see the 12th gen upgrade kit with the CNC top cover replaces the, well, top cover. Is this kind of mechanical change to be expected with each new generation of processor?

Not exactly. The idea is that most of the laptop can be reused. This was a little improvement and not expected, but it does not make the old formed cover obsolete.

Of course, this was the first generational upgrade. Who knows what might come down the line?


Gotcha, so the top panel upgrade is not required to go from an originally 11th-gen-mainboard laptop to a 12th-gen?

Not at all! That’s what I did, just a mainboard swap.

I haven’t had flex issues with my old formed lid, so I’ve kept it.


@Kris_Keillor No. It was a change we wanted to roll in, but it there should not be expected updates to components every launch cycle unless we specifically call them out ahead of time.


That’s good to hear :slight_smile:

It might be worth mentioning in the marketplace that the replacement panel is not required, and a mainboard would suffice for an upgrade.