Introducing the new and upgraded Framework Laptop

What specifics are you looking for?

Intel obfuscates this for marketing reasons (they’ve been known to re-use the same GPU with very minor tweaks for several CPU generations, and yes AMD does it too with APU graphics (friggin Vega…)). Your best chance is looking at the EU count, then trying to find out through reviews if the nth generation graphics core is the same as the n+1th generation graphics core. A lot of times you can get a hint from the DirectX feature set, but here it’s the same.

tl;dr- I would expect very similar integrated graphics performance between the two generations.

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The GPUs are essentially the same from 11th gen to 12th gen. There’s a small speed increase with the Core i7s but they’re otherwise identical.

The Core i5 comes with 80 EUs, the Core i7s 96 EUs, like before. Just a slight speed increase with the Core i7s.

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I’m not sure what rigidity means here? I don’t consider the current cover flimsy. I do wish the hinges were more robust. When I’m traveling and the floor is vibrating the display vibrates ack and forth, which I didn’t experenance with a Dell XPS laptop.


My guess is that it could, in part, means the depression / flex of the cover when you press on the logo. That portion of the cover is substantially ‘flexier’ than a lot of other laptops in the similar price range.


The Framework team just answered this for me.


Ah, that’s exactly it. I didn’t even notice that until I pressed on it just now. Extremally minor thing. A good fix for new builds, but not work the cost/hassle of replacing it, at least to me.

Now, I just wish they would make the hinges stronger…


Is it correct to interpret that as the optimizations made (for standby) isn’t substantial?

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I think the mentality is shifting in the science and manufacturing industry in this regard. Those who create the material / good has some degree of responsibility to participate in the larger recycling / repurpose / up-purpose cycle. At the moment, Framework components / parts is only on the output path.

Don’t think it’s unreasonable for Framework to, maybe, partner up with a combination of 3rd party organizations to at least repurpose the hardware as fully usable systems (say, for schools). Those loose parts (boards, cover, fans…etc) could be aggregated / collected and re-assemble for extended usable system…full systems.

i.e. It’s not abnormal that consumers require various channels to redirect their wastes…like any recycling program in your cities. Consumers are not the recycling facilities.

The ‘end of life’ handling is missing here. (end of life for one user’s relationship with the hardware, and the end of life of the hardware)

Plastic recycling, as an example (as the material itself is rather long lasting):


You mean stiffer ?/ Apparently a) there are alternatives and b) I think they are incorporated in the new models

A consumer cycle doesn’t have to be tight. People don’t grow their own food and compost their waste. Used stuff can go on the land but most goes into the toilet, the sea and takes time to get back on the plate.

If people can’t handle their own waste then it seems unreasonably critical to expect someone else to do it for them.

It’s a business, if it pays it will happen.

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Seems like good luck to me. Now you have the option of buying what you previously wanted for cheaper or something better.


My argument is that consumers so often ‘blame’ the manufactures. Sure manufactureres could take more reponsibility for the rubbush they ultimatly create, but then the user can do by not buying in the first place.

All human corporeal activity consumes and leaves debris, to call that waste is just a business attitude.

I like the idea that there is less debris but it is 100% my responsibilty not to make it, not others to clean up after me, though they do and try and profit from it.

I’ll keep my 11gen for as long as I can, I hate to this what I am going to do with it when it’s a load of rubbish. Oh yes, get someone else to deal with it. Another embarrasment I have to look forward too. So yes if frameowrk take it off my hands I may feel as though I am not alone and sleep better :rofl:


Nice work! Quite happy where I am at the moment performance wise. I’ll maybe look this time next year and pick up a 12th gen board someone is offloading…

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If you decide not to cancel and upgrade, you should contact support and ask if they can refund part of the price you paid. Now that the 12th Gen board has been released, the 11th Gen boards are cheaper, and support has refunded the price difference to people who received their order within (I think) 30 days prior to the new launch.

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Congrats on the launch! I’m incredibly impressed with the upgrade kits. It’s the complete opposite of planned obsolescence! I was awestruck when I saw it.

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Can you please elaborate on these alternatives? For me the hinges are also not stiff enough.

Not enought time to search right now but I did find this

Will update later if I find the posts

I dont have the 11th gen hardware to have some kind of baseline of its capabilities on my head. I have no idea of what kind games (& at what fidelity) I could play with this hardware.

As a linux person I wish Framework offered a keyboard without the lame windows logo on the Super button.

I pre-ordered the new DIY, 12th gen version last night. This will be my first framework device. Sadly I didnt pre-order it in time to make it with Batch 1 that ships in July. Really looking forward to my new laptop in August.


Here’s a detailed review with benchmarks of the 11th gen Iris Xe - the 12th gen will be identical, just a little faster for the Core i7s.

In short, this integrated graphics is much better than it used to be and you can play games on it. It’s no dedicated GPU, of course, and make sure you have dual-channel memory (two matched sticks).