Framework Tablet Project

unfortunate news ladies and gents. i no longer have access to a 3D printer. i still intend to work on this, but im expecting much less work. the printer might be fixable, and i might be able to get one through school, but i also have health issues to worry about now, so yeah, not looking great :confused:


No worries, take your time, and health is always priority no. 1. Get well soon again.


I’ve been working on CAD modeling a case as well based around this concept. Have you started your design? I also have access to a fairly large 3d printer that can prototype full-size cases before cutting it down to work on standard 200mm size printers for the general public


I also have access to some 300x300mm printers. With a bit of trickery and angles (and support) you can fit something ~280mm on a bed.

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Hi all,

So I just finished modeling up a concept for a Framework tablet. The ethos being make as few changes as possible to make it work. In this case, I’ve used as many OEM Framework parts as possible. Only going to amazon for a portable touchscreen display and a ribbon USB c cable to connect the display to the motherboard. The whole thing is held together with M3 screws and heat inserts to the 3d printed case. I’ve attached some pictures and a link to the .step file for you to review.

Please note, that this is the first draft and it may not work. I do not currently own a framework laptop so i am unable to test the part fitment myself.

I look forward to everyone’s feedback.


Great start! Have you found specific parts for the off-the-shelf display/cable or is that still a to-do?

One thing to consider is that most Framework motherboards do not have an accelerometer. So there would be no auto-rotate unless you implemented it yourself.

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The case is designed around this display (

I thought about that. Auto-rotate isn’t really that big of a concern for me. I mainly just wanted to get something that could be functional put together.

Looks great! The monitor itself has an audio out, mini-HDMI in, and 2 USB-C ports (one with PD), which more-than-makes-up for the 1 slot it would take up.

It also has built-in speakers, which could make transferring over the Framework speakers optional (e.g. for space savings).

I agree that auto-rotate isn’t a huge deal. In fact there’s a button on the monitor that seems like it’s for rotation, so that would make rotating trivial:

Unfortunately I don’t have access to a 3D printer to try this out myself.

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Yeah, I’ve been thinking of ways to make it thinner/add a fingerprint reader as well.

Speakers could be optional but since these would be treated as “external” speakers it could cause issues from time to time over ones plugged directly to the motherboard.

I added a cutout for those buttons in the case. I think that may be a back button vs a rotate button. If you really wanted to I’m sure in whatever os you chose to run you could do a software rotate

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Just realized, another potential roadblock is the WiFi connectivity. As implemented in the laptop, the antennas are located in the top lid. Any thoughts about how it would work here?

I left room in the top to use the stock laptop antenna. It’s not modeled in yet but should be able to stick it in about the same place.

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I just saw all of this. amazing work! off topic, but this is the sort of thing that will build the future for framework. the community has so much to offer, and the engineers at framework are working WITH THEM. i had given up on making my own design, but im so happy to see other people stepped up!

is there a current working prototype, and if so, could i see any pictures you have? as soon as i can, i will be 3D printing one of these, and start working on any optimizations needed.

all in all, amazing work to the engineers at framework, and to the passionate consumers and creators that make this possible. your all simply the best!


No working prototype yet. I’m hoping to make one soon. I know several things need to be optimized still like the speaker cutouts and the power switch length.

The step file can be found in the link. Feel free to take a look.

one of my concerns when i started this was that the cpu would get hot enough to risk deforming the plastic chasis

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Certainly a concern. There is a fair amount of airflow on the back and top vent for the fan. However, I’d still recommend printing in a material with a high-temperature reflection. Minimally for the middle layer as it’s closest to the heat. The out shells could be printed in something lower temp and be fine

update i guess. i applied to the mainboard developer program. doubt i will be accepted, but i have, in addition to the tablet, LOTS of other project ideas i want to try.

my vision for this tablet was actually for it to be much smaller then the design you created, meaning it would use pretty much all off the shelf parts, but thats much more advanced to say the least.

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Best of luck! If I were them I’d accept you in a heartbeat considering you’re the only person who has created anything even slightly promising!

not really tbh. i havent made anything. i had the same idea a lot of people have had before, but i never even had cad drawings. i dont think i got accepted, seeing as i havent heard anything, but if im able to, i want to buy a second board and use it for tinkering anyways

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cool thing that happened, this thread is now on the framework wiki!

this really motivated me for some reason, so im once again determined. i WILL put together a concept, to at very least see if it would work.


now that we have new board options, its really a matter of time until I end up buying a new one, meaning I can start actually building/testing with my old one!

still trying to figure out some other problems, the main one being thermals. the point of the FramePad as I have started calling it was to trade battery life, size, and use experience for more speed, but im very much worried about thermals.

once again, huge thanks to everyone whos part of this, and even more thanks to the framework team. I know im not doing much, but it feels really cool to be a part of this.