Fried Storage Expansion Card

So I used to use my storage expansion card (250GB) to occasionally move data back and forth between two laptops. My other laptop started having some USB-C issues and no device (dock, USB hub, etc.) was working on those ports so I tried my storage expansion card there. I thought I caught a whiff of something burning but it was really faint. Fast-forward a few days later I notice the storage card is not detected in my Framework either. Running a simple USB diagnostic showed “overcurrent condition” on the device.

I took the card apart, and saw two scorch marks on the inside plastic, along with two burnt chips but the storage chip looks fine. Any advice?

I’m okay with writing this one off, or attempting a repair, but my soldering skills probably aren’t good enough to do the repair and my experience in this problem isn’t enough to say if it’s worth it to even try. I would like to have the data off of it, but if I can’t get it I’ll just chalk it up to me not doing my due diligence in keeping backups.

Power regulation has failed, if FW doesn’t want it back I’m more than happy to pay for shipping and a small part of the original price and I will attempt a repair.

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That is the 1.8V flash IO regulator.
Part is G2822 in TDFN2X2-8 package Eg

I was thinking that you might be able to connect an external regulator like this, but you will need to connect pin2 of U5 which is a power good output as well, to notify the PMIC that this rail is up and properly get things working.



Is it possible to get schematics and board views for expansion cards? or is it similar to the mainboard?