Future 180+W 12v PSU?

So I’m hoping in the future I’ll be doing a fair bit of traveling around in my trailer, and preferably without needing an inverter and not having shore power (e.g. 120v AC). I was wondering if there’s any plans, or if anyone knows of any, 180+W PSU that operates on 12v. Which of course will require some 14awg or better wiring to supply the 12v, that’s a lot of amps, but avoiding turning on an inverter would be great.

On the other hand, until I eventually, possibly, get the GPU expansion (I won’t right away), the 100W 12v I’ve found will work fine. I’m just curious if it’s a thought for Framework (unlikely, not a regular use-case) or if it’s been seen by anyone out in the wild somewhere I can’t see.

I read that 12v car cigarette lighters or, these days, car “auxiliary power outlet” can have a 10 or 20 amp fuse. So there is potential that some company will make a 180W PD 12v adapter. But it might not be a very mainstream product, seeing as it would blow the fuse in cars with a 10 amp fuse. So might take longer before we see it.

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Well…I don’t need/want a “car aux outlet” version, I just want/need 12v input. Sadly you’re probably right, that nobody will bother unless it has a standard consumer interface. Frankly I’m just going to clip mine off with a short length, and put in some connectors (maybe XT60, maybe Anderson power pole) in order to still be able to use it in a standard car aux/cigarette lighter, or hook it to my own cabling hooked up to a larger enough wiring. Ah well, we’ll see how it plays out.

But I’m rather an outlier when it comes to wanting to do things like that. sigh And most RV/trailer stuff assumes fairly low amps, or that it’ll be 120V off a generator.

Yeah, for most products, it’s all about how much market there is for something. That’s why I first go to 12v car aux outlet PD adapters. There is a market and demand there. Also, mass market items tend to be less expensive than lower volume, more specialty items.

Outside the mass market, sometimes it’s almost a matter of luck if someone will create an item to fill a very real niche. I think of this 12v power adapter for a Starlink satellite internet dish that a full-time RV’er designed for himself and was also selling. Starlink DC Power Supply POE Injector Because no company fills that need.

I’m eying this 140W PD3.1 USB-C car charger (165W total, including the 140W USB-C main output). I haven’t found anything higher than 140W so far.

I’m not sure I’d trust something that small to be capable of 140W, that’s call it 11.5-11.6a boosted to 28v on the internal board. Granted, that’s actually more like 13-13.5v, maybe even 14+v with the alternator going (that’s within spec!), so maybe more like 10+a. But that’s still lot of power in a tiny area, plus nothing is 100% efficient so what about waste heat? That’s of course assuming you hit 100-140W continuous, which with a low battery or very heavy load with the GPU expansion, you almost certainly will. Plus, you need to make sure you get a proper USB-C EPR cable in order to be sure you have one that will identify itself as handling those voltages/amps.

I’ve got https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08215YKYV which is 100W, and seems to work fine in my limited testing so far. Don’t have a 100+W load tester, and haven’t tried hooking it up to a USB-PD trigger to check the voltage, but works well on my laptop in my brief tests.

Ooh, I like that form factor! It definitely looks more able to dissipate heat than the one I linked. :smile:

@bz2 Exactly! Plus a whole lot easier to cut part-way into the wire from the cigarette lighter in order to put in a better connector for not using it in a car :slight_smile:

Not 140W, but for use without the GPU, I expect fully loaded and full brightness it can handle the power load. With the GPU at full load and full CPU, probably won’t quite be able to keep up, but should pretty well, in general.

Just be sure your car is turned on, otherwise could drain your battery in a hurry.

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Once the chips for the new pd standard become commonly available someone in china is eventually going to put it on a board you can buy but they do seem a bit too rare for now.

65W is very commonly available and more often than not actually capable of putting out 65w continuously, 100W is also widely available but a lot more of a minefield on if they can actually deliver the 100W continuously.

According to the table in the bottom it’s 100 on one port + 65 across the others. AFAIK cheap chips that do anything significantly past 100W on a single port (I am counting the 21V 5A PPS mode as 100W with extra steps here and the >5A stuff is proprietary) are not really out jet.

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Makes sense, and honestly probably 65W/100W is just fine, generally won’t be loading up my Framework too heavily, except in bursts when starting up VMs or the like.

I’m looking forward to it! And hopefully the preliminary 48GB SODIMMs will work as we all hope/expect they will, so I can do 96GB on my 16! Crossing my fingers that batch 12 will be sooner in Q1 than later, but we’ll see if there are any significant snags as the production gets going. I really, REALLY hope not.

I’m hoping for the 96GB as well …
I don’t like your chances of Batch 12 being earlier rather than later in Q1, after all batch 13 is listed as Q2.
I don’t know what the first batch number was that was listed for Q1, but knowing that, and considering they still haven’t started deliveries, I suspect batch 12 may slip into Q2.

Not unlikely :frowning: We’ll see, too early to tell. Maybe there will be a miracle and we’ll see batch 3 or 4 by mid-Nov being delivered, and a ramping up of volume. I can hope.

@Aaron_Baff here’s a “140W Surper-fast Car Charger” (typo is in the specifications section, inspiring much confidence in the quality of the product) : https://a.co/d/1dONLGg

Batch 6.

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Ah, so Q1 hopes to average a batch every two weeks then …

That is about what it appears they hope for for Q4 as well, but at that rate we would be already one batch worth late (remembering that although there are only 5 batches, the Christmas/New Year break is about a batch worth long) …

Ah, well, the joys of getting a new product underway.

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There’s no description about whether this power supply is buck-boost or buck only. We need third-party testing to confirm this.