FW 13, 13 gen intel, win 11, Will not power on

Power light is lit. Left LED is light green. Right LED is not lit. I do not know whether it’s a boot failure or a screen failure, but there is nothing showing on the screen when I press the power button. Machine was unused and unplugged for 36 hours. I think that I powered it down but it’s possible that I just put it to sleep. I think the FW system software is up to date since it looks like there has been nothing updated since last May. Windows 11 is up to date. Any suggestions much appreciated.

Am personally invested in this post because I am going through this for the second time. Battery ran low/out and mainboard gets stuck on memory training, I am on my second mainboard now after Framework replaced the first. I have just not had time to contact them about the second one yet. If there is any progress in here I am happy to hear it.