FW 13 Sound: Equalizer settings

I think the out-of-box-sound-experience could be improved.

Equalizer-Settings with Realtek Audio Console

31: +12
62: +9
125: +6
250: -12
500: -12
1k: -12
2k: 0
4k: 0
8k: +6

Open for better suggestions but for me those settings made them usable for streaming.


Windows? Linux?
For Linux, there are EasyEffects Profiles that improve the speaker sound. Search the forum for “EasyEffects”.

Welcome to the Forum, by the way.

Sry, Windows

Realtek offers a variety of Sound-Profiles too, but neither of them was able to deliver good sound for movies, music and podcats together. One of those cases always sounds off imo.

I went for:

31: +5.1
62: +4.6
125: +0.5
250: -4.6
500: --6.4
1k: -4.5
2k: 0.5
4k: 1.4
8k: +4.6

You could describe it as a more subtle version of yours. But it gives me clarity, which I usually prefer over anything else.

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