FW 16 Keyboard VIAL support (ISO/ANSI/Macro-/Numpad)

I’ve skimmed through multiple threads on this forum about this, but I can’t seem to find anything useful. I know the keyboard has native VIA support via https://keyboard.frame.work/ , but I personally am more interested in VIAL support. There have been multiple threads where people talked about porting the current QMK/VIA firmware to VIAL, but all of them just kind of ended without any finished results. The closest I could find was from about a month ago where someone managed to get it ported for the Macropad and it seems even the ANSI keyboard, however I am on ISO, so that sadly doesn’t apply to me. If it does apply to you, here it is: GitHub - spdkils/Framework-macropad: Working Vial Keyboard for Framework 16 Macropad , in case you didn’t find it yet.

So essentially I’m just wondering what the progress on VIAL support for the ISO version of the Framework 16 keyboard is and if anything’s already ready to use? Thanks in advance for any info.