Blank numpad module?

I like the look of the blank ANSI keyboard. Haven’t seen anything like it, and I definitely want to get it. I also want a numpad module, but I’m afraid the blank keyboard would look goofy with a numpad with visible keys.

Is a blank numpad going to be offered? The only numpad module available on has printed keys.

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Is that assuming that the blank macro pad won’t suit your needs?

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I was looking at that one, but I’m not a fan of the transparency. I’ll probably just get the INTL Linux keyboard with the regular numpad module.

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Ah I see, I misunderstood what you were after, the visible part made me think you were wanting clear keys

I see how that was bad wording. For the future, maybe a better term is ‘labeled keys’.

Yeah, I recently wondered about this as well.

Personally I just went with the blank ISO layout without a numpad.
Really looking forward how clean it’ll look in person, I feel it’s gonna be awesome :​)
(I just figured out how to do normal text emojis with a zero width space :​D )