FW 16 performance w/o graphics card?

Hi all! I ordered the lower end CPU without the graphics module. How has performance been for yall? Enough power to play low end games and do a bit of 3d work and coding? Also is 64GB RAM overkill since I will not have the graphics module for a little bit?


32 GB without graphics here. Did some old games without any trouble, seems to be that Warzone on low graphics could be possible. Haven’t tried any 3d work yet though.


I played Witcher 3 on mid settings in full hd, got 40 fps


Your use case sounds pretty similar to mine and my FW16 without graphics module works amazingly for my usage.

Without the separate Radeon RX 7700S graphics module it uses the Radeon 780m (which is integrated into the CPU) as the graphics processor.

The Radeon 780m is pretty decent for lightweight games. In fact some handheld gaming devices such as the Asus Rog Ally Extreme also use the 780m (but it can operate at higher power in the FW16).

“3D work” isn’t super specific. Personally I use Fusion 360 for 3D modeling regularly and my laptop performs amazingly (meaningfully better than my desktop which has a Ryzen 7 3700x CPU and RTX 3070 GPU).

Coding is mainly CPU dependent and the CPU is great (the two CPU options are very similar) so the FW16 is pretty good for that as well.

It’s probably overkill, but not significantly so in my opinion. I have 32 GB (which so far hasn’t caused any issues by I often get close to the limit).

Without the graphics module the ram you have will be dynamically shared between the CPU and the 780m graphics. Whereas with the graphics module the graphics module has it’s own dedicated ram. So without a graphics module the amount of main ram you need may be a bit more than you would need for the same task with a graphics module.

Should be pretty decent for some lower end graphics games, or turning down the graphics some. On my older Ryzen 4000-series, I play some things like Factorio or the like, and that iGPU is far more than enough for it. It’s definitely a CPU bound game.

For coding, I’d say more depends on compile time and RAM needs (IntelliJ can sometimes be a hog), and all those browser windows & tabs will take up RAM. Plus if you need any VMs or docker images, can start to use up memory.

I’d say 64GB is quite a good amount of space so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll feel a pinch.

3D work, depends on what exactly you’re doing, but it’ll suffice to do things, renders, etc. Obviously won’t have the power of a full desktop, and it’ll be slower than a beefy dGPU, bt if you keep your expectations modest I expect you’ll find it just fine.

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Just tried warzone again. With power plugged in, quality setting on ultra (not extreme that lowered my fps to about 20) it is pretty decent to play on. It did surprise me, so thanks for making me try it :slight_smile: