7700S return?

My FW16 is hopefully coming soon (just charged, no shipping notification yet).

If I end up not liking the 7700S (like if I find out the 780M is more than good enough for me), can I return the 7700S for a refund?

Just asking here in case a mod or a FW employee will know without having to open a ticket.

I don’t play much games anyways, and I also have the blank expansion bay. I figure when I do decide to play games, there may be a better dGPU available by then.

I’d be interested in buying it from you if you decide you don’t want it

Fairly sure I saw a similar question before, to which the conclusion was if you want to return something not faulty, it’s all or nothing.

I’ll let you know if I decide to sell. :slight_smile:

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Remember that the shell and the 7700S need different interposers.

I bought both, so it should come with both.

How would you put a 780M into the laptop?

It’s the iGPU in the CPU.

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Excuse me while I try to grasp this with my smooth brain for a moment

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No you cant return only the 7700s. Sorry

Hi Zeddie,

I hope you are enjoying using the Framework Laptop 16 so far.

I believe that returning only the Graphics Module for a refund is not an option. However, you can always return your laptop within 30 days or sell your Graphics Unit to another customer if you do not need it (I know that we have several community members who ordered Expansion Bay Shells only and would love to buy the 7700S from you).


Thanks for the info. I think I’ll keep the dGPU after all. I’m actually liking the power allocation behavior based on Fedora’s power profiles. Even in battery savings mode on AC power, the CPU performs admirably at just 20 W, while the GPU gets 80 W. On balanced, the CPU gets about 30 W, while the GPU gets 60 W. On Performance mode, the CPU gets 60W, while GPU gets 80 W.

It’s a nice balancing act that I guess would equal to better battery life if I’m not heavy on the GPU.

Fan noise is most loud when the GPU is running at higher power. But if CPU is fully loaded at 60W or so, but GPU is not heavily used, the fan is very tolerable.

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I am in the same situation - after rushing to place my pre-order, I realized that the CPU’s integrated graphics would be sufficient for my needs and therefore the Graphics Module I selected was an entirely superfluous addition. I had a conversation with Support about this and documented my findings in this topic.

Those who would like additional information can read through the posts, but in summary, I can confirm that the options offered to me by Support match what was written above:

It seems that the original poster of this topic has decided to keep their Graphics Module after all, but I still plan to resell mine once the 30-day return period on my order expires (on 2024-04-05T00:00:00Z). I will create a dedicated topic for this closer to that date if I have not found a buyer by then. In the meantime, if anyone with a Canadian shipping address is interested in this offer, please send me a private message so we can discuss the matter further. Thank you for your consideration.