FW 16 - Under Linux, Is there a way to completely turn off the dGPU manually, to save battery?

Hey all,

I’m curious if there’s a config or terminal command to manually switch off the dGPU (to leave it installed, but have it use less or no power on battery)? I don’t know, can we unmount it, but still have the fans work? I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I’m hoping minds greater than mine might have a solution to try to negate idle power draw.

Thank you!

Maybe something like this could do the trick to turn off and on the dGPU for the Framework 16 and save power consumption? It is a very old post and specifically calls out Ubuntu, but maybe something like this could work?


Isn’t the gpu allready off unless you explicitly start it?


OK interesting, so some sort if acpi flag wouldn’t impact the power consumption of a FW 16 with dGPU because it doesn’t have an idle power draw greater than if there was no dGPU @Mario_Limonciello @Adrian_Joachim ?

The dGPU goes into BOCO when not in use. This stands for “board off chip off”.

It’s in ACPI D3cold when this happens. Power is cut to it. When you start using it, it spins back up and enters ACPI D0.


That’s great to hear. Thanks for taking the time to respond here. I’m very much looking forward to using the FW 16 in all its capacities. I’m less worried that having the dGPU will cause drain on the battery.