FW13 AMD Erroneous Key Presses

I am getting (what appear to be increasing occurrences of) erroneous key presses that do not match the key used on the laptop keyboard. I put a ticket in as I believe it may be hardware; however, I have been wrong many times in the past so wanted to see if anyone had run into this here and has solutions or thoughts.

OS: Fedora Linux 40 (Workstation Edition)
Kernel: 6.8.8-300.fc40.x86_64
DE: GNOME 46.1 (w/ pop_shell)
BIOS updated during DIY assembly.

Expected behaviour: ‘fn’ down outputs nothing, ‘c’ down outputs ‘c’
Current behaviour: ‘fn’ down outputs ‘q’, ‘c’ down outputs ‘c+’

Gnome detects the above key presses as pressing the key they output (eg. on keyboard map, pressing ‘fn’ shows a ‘q’ press in Gnome).

Issue previously went away after reboot appeared; now it is persisting. The issue is not present when using external keyboard, leading me to believe it may be hardware, as that keymap issues (ie. I initially wondered about pop_shell) should be present on both I believe.

Anyone run into this before? Haven’t encountered this on Linux, Framework or not, so new one to me! The real kicker is ‘e’ is read as RETURN…

This is very likely a hardware error (short) in the keyboard matrix. Check if the connectors are properly inserted on the input cover module and there are no debris (metal shavings etc.) on the keyboard/touchpad pcb.

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Argh, I should have hit that in my troubleshooting before posting sorry, still getting used to a laptop I can service myself happily :sweat_smile:.

I’ll take a check when I have time later today/tomorrow and report back, thanks for the quick response!