FW16 Batch 11 Guild

I’m batch 13 waiting on my FW16 and I’ll definitely be playing FFXIV on mine. What was your benchmark score and/or FPS on the iGPU? I’m guessing you’re using Windows?

I ran a few basic tests:

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail Benchmark
Tested on: 30/4/2024 20:48:03
Score: 5056
Average Frame Rate: 35,44839
Minimum Frame Rate: 23
Performance: Standard
-Capable of running the game on default settings.
Loading Times by Scene
Scene #1 0,64 sec
Scene #2 3,206 sec
Scene #3 3,334 sec
Scene #4 3,76 sec
Scene #5 3,182 sec
Total Loading Time 14,122 sec

Screen Size: 1920x1080
Screen Mode: Windowed
DirectX Version: 11
Graphics Presets: High (Laptop)

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail Benchmark
Tested on: 30/4/2024 20:33:06
Score: 4394
Average Frame Rate: 29,3754
Minimum Frame Rate: 15
Performance: Standard
-Capable of running the game on default settings.
Loading Times by Scene
Scene #1 1,886 sec
Scene #2 5,219 sec
Scene #3 4,253 sec
Scene #4 3,835 sec
Scene #5 3,139 sec
Total Loading Time 18,332 sec

Screen Size: 1920x1080
Screen Mode: Windowed
DirectX Version: 11
Graphics Presets: High (Desktop)

Seems to run okay but not great. I didn’t tweak a lot of settings yet jus ran the pre-sets. High or normal laptop doesn’t change the score much.
Maximum does result in a low score.
It is clearly limited by the iGPU as i thought the 16GB of ram i had might not be enough but atm it uses max 11 GB so far.

Also ran one at 1280x720 just to see:

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail Benchmark
Tested on: 1/5/2024 20:27:47
Score: 7854
Average Frame Rate: 57,61147
Minimum Frame Rate: 33
Performance: Fairly High
-Capable of running the game on default settings. Consider switching to a higher resolution depending on performance.
Loading Times by Scene
Scene #1 0,425 sec
Scene #2 2,978 sec
Scene #3 3,522 sec
Scene #4 3,356 sec
Scene #5 2,398 sec
Total Loading Time 12,679 sec

Screen Size: 1280x720
Screen Mode: Windowed
DirectX Version: 11
Graphics Presets: Standard (Laptop)

I tried using a new kit of ram, and that solved my issue! I guess the kit I originally ordered doesn’t work with the laptop unfortunately, but thankfully it’s still within the return window! And support was very nice throughout.

I’m also surprised by how smooth and crisp the screen is (I never owned a display like it, it looks so cool!)

Edit: excited to finally get to use my new laptop!

Love the framework so far using usb keyboard. Hopefully support can resolve this quickly

Well that’s not too bad given that the next expansion is getting some upgrades in the graphics department. That’s certainly playable at 1280x720. I’m getting the dGPU so I won’t have any issue playing it.

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Update! Support responded and are sending a new keyboard + touchpad after checking the videos and pictures. :tada:

My Batch 11 unit has been a tale. It arrived with a primary NVMe storage screw that would turn in its standoff infinitely, but it would not come off.

I do not feel comfortable with the advice floating around of using tweezers or using your fingernail to lift the screw up while unscrewing, because 1) that looks dangerous and 2) I did not spend €1800 to have to rely on literally what is known on the street to be a workaround to remove a screw from a stripped stand-off. So, I contacted support and I am getting a replacement unit.

I also had some pretty bad tolerances (compared to most units I see online) as far as fit and finish goes.

How have your screws been?

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I lost the screw lottery too, same thing, except the upward force required to remove mine (or get it to the remaining threads) was so little just pulling up gently with the magnetic screwdriver was enough to let me unscrew it the rest of the way normally.

I have contacted support, but at least the laptop works :person_shrugging:

Ah nice
I wonder what you will score with the dGPU
How much ram do you have?

I bought 32GB of RAM. I ran some benchmarks on my current systems. I noticed a bump in score on the second run of each system. Given how much older they both are I’m hoping to have a better sore than my desktop. Also, my desktop has a higher resolution at 1440p which will be a more accurate comparison to the FW16’s native resolution.

Here are my laptop results:

Here’s my desktop results:

This is the first time my desktop hasn’t been in the highest score category so they’ve done some heavy upgrades to the graphics. I also want to note that I’ve got FSR running on both systems so that might change the overall score a little bit.

I may need to rerun these tests depending on when I get my FW16. I read an article today about them updating the FFXIV dawntrail benchmark.

Oof, I’m sorry to hear about yours having fit and finish issues. So far I haven’t had any problems with regards to the fit and finish, heck. Even the spacers, (with a little bending the top of them) sit flush and don’t wiggle as much as others seem to have. I’ve been doing the odd game here and there, but the real test comes to running my 3D software apps.

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So my FW16 came in this morning! Install was pretty easy. Ran the FFXIV benchmark a few times. The 7700S is a lot more powerful than the GTX 1060 in my other laptop, but it seems to be weaker than my desktop GTX 1080. That’s unfortunate because I was hoping for an upgrade to replace my desktop.

Last test to compare the three systems I ran everything on max settings. Both the desktop and FW16 running at 1440p and the old laptop running at 1080p.

Note: the FW16 has a bunch of downloads running in the background (steam downloads and FFXIV), however that shouldn’t make much, if any, of a difference on the GPU side.

Here’s the desktops performance:

Here’s the FW16’s performance:

Here’s my old laptop’s performance:

It’s unfortunate that I’m going to need to do a GPU upgrade at some point since the performance isn’t better than my desktops.

On the plus side the game loads about twice as fast.

Ah congrats.
It seems like a decent boost compared to my iGPU results ar least. Can you tell thats its gpu limited?

I would probably still need more than 16gb ram.

It’s definitely GPU limited. Still downloading steam games and the CPU sits below 20% while and peaks at like 23% between scenes and the GPU is maxed.

Ah good to know. Is the laptop also set to performance mode and plugged in?

I see that ram was at 7.2.

I was using the amd overlay to track mine and it got to 11gb ram but i guess that’s because the iGPU does not have its own ram.

Ill Just save up for the dGPU.

Btw When u save a run with the benchmark you also get nice screenshots from like 5 points in the benchmark and some other stats.

Enjoy your framework.

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I noticed that my total RAM is 27.7 GB. I enabled the Smart Acess Memory (or whatever it’s called for AMD). Seems like about 4 GB of the RAM is reserved for the iGPU with that enabled.

I was plugged in for all the tests but that last picture where I got the CPU load I went in and made a performance power profile. It didn’t make a difference in score.

Batch 19er here, how are your guy’s laptops when it comes to cooling? Are the fans loud, and does the laptop get super hot?

During light-moderate workloads (i.e. Browsing, watching videos, light/simple games) the fans rarely spin up for me so it’s basically completely silent.
During heavier workloads like heavy gaming the fans basically go full throttle and yes they get very loud, but can quickly spin back down after quitting.

In my experience it does get warm but nothing excessive or painful.

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Sweet, that’s perfect.

that is my experience also. Except I am not a gamer, so the heavy loads like that are not what I experience. And the temps on the keyboard stay in the 90F range, and on the bottom in the mid 100-106 F range or so max in the center of both.
I do gain from the speed in what I do, the great keyboard and screen etc.
I have 64 GB ram and a total of 4 TB storage. I am and will gain from this fantastic upgrade.