FW16 Batch 11 Guild

Batch 11 Framework 16 thread😀


I renamed “Batch 11 Guild” to “FW16 Batch 11 Guild”. I understand the prefix “FW16” is duplicated in the Framework Laptop 16 category. However, it’s to align with other “FW16 Batch N Guild” threads. I hope you like it.


Hi batchmates

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Like a lot of the other “late” batches, we may not be first, but we should be able to avoid most of the issues earlier batches may face

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I just hope ours actually ship in Q1

We can only hope and guess at this point. I expect receiving it a little later.

Yeah I’m batch 5 and I’m already sceptical that I’ll get it in Q1. Batch 11 is definitely Q2 I’d say.

Hey all :slight_smile:

so…how long do you think we’ll be waiting? I hope it’s not longer than end of April.

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I think May could work out, however I wouldn’t be surprised if it took a bit longer.

Excited for whenever I get my machine, my 1st gen Lenovo X1 Extreme is getting pretty long in the tooth these days.

I notice that when I select an FW16 I see: “Batch 17 Ships Q2”. I/we are batch 11. Would that suggest that shipping earlier then May would be possible?

  • Ryzen™ 7 7840HS

And I already bought a:

  • Samsung SSD 990 PRO, 4TB.

And maybe I’ll buy a:

    • WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD 1TB Interne solid-state module, M.2 2230, PCIe Gen4 x4*

I just hope it arrives by early June. I bought Elden Ring on steam but I can’t play it until that laptop arrives, and I want to play the DLC on release.

Inquired about my order today and got this reply.

“Thank you for contacting Framework Support.
We understand that you are inquiring about your Framework Laptop 16 order.
Upon checking your order, the payment has not yet been settled or fully paid.
Kindly complete the payment for us to proceed with shipping your order.”

So they don’t email you or charge your card as stated?

"Thank you for your pre-order!

You’ve placed a deposit for a Framework pre-order in Batch 11. We’ll charge the remaining balance on the order to your payment method on file closer to the ship date, and we’ll notify you by email before that happens."

When asked how to complete the order.

“We’ll let you know when your order is ready”

So, I guess batch 11 still isn’t ready? Who knows. :thinking:

Godddd I can’t wait for things to finally be ready. The laptop I’m using right now is falling apart and so is my main PC, but I’m expecting Batch 11 in May AT BEST. More likely June, possibly even July, but I’m also an omega pessimist. Very excited to see mine.


Batch 11 bro here. I’m still running a Ryzen 1600 desktop from 2017. The 7840HS has double the benchmark scores as my current processor. Frankly pumped

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Bro try 2015 MacBook Pro

I’ll be happy if they deliver (or at least charge) by the end of H1, tbh. Wouldn’t be pleasantly shocked if it’s Q1, but given batch 4 haven’t had prep emails yet I’m not expecting it to be the case. Hype regardless!

As I read here, Batch 4 received the “We’re preparing your batch!” email on 8th of March, so I assume that Batch 11 will receive this email begin of May. Don’t you think so?

Edit: It might be the end of april!

Sounds possible if they move at 1 batch/week. The gap between batch 3 and 4 was bigger thanks to the supply chain issues, so that should be faster for the next ones.

Just don’t depend on it, could just as well by June.


Thanks to the eighth shipment email, I have a good feeling about us getting the batch prep email mid to late April, and people getting their laptops not long after! (I’m leaning more towards mid rather than late April tho)

This is the specific part of the announcement that my guestimation is based off of.

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