FW16 Batch 12 Guild

Greetings Batch 12 users :). Attendance please lol


Was waiting to see how long it’d take before this got created. Put my Batch 12 in Sept 12. Currently using a Tuxedo Pulse 14", but can’t wait for my Framework. Aiming for the 2x48GB RAM, possibly even going for 2x64B if they’re somehow released by then!

I’m Batch 12 as well, UK based.

I’ve gone for the 7940, no GPU.
I’m tossing up between getting 2x32GB CL40, or 2x48GB which is CL46, so fractionally slower. I probably wouldn’t notice the speed difference. But I’m going to wait a little to get memory to see if someone does come out with 64GB modules in DDR5.

I’ll be fitting as much ‘disk’ as possible as I’ll be using it for a mix of CAD for 3D printing and software development for embedded programming.

I’ve got the 7840, contemplating switching to the 7940 for the $200. As has been pointed out elsewhere, potentially better binned, but could undervolt slightly, maybe, and get 7840 performance with lower power usage. On the other hand, want to hear some of the other folks give that a try and see if they’re able to.

i have 7840 barebone laptop , recently modified order to include RGB keyboard . 32 GB 16x2 Cruisal ram 5600mhz and 1 TB Lexar NM800 waiting on desk to be plugin in my FW16 .

Checking in with a DIY 7840 w/ GPU! I also ordered September 12th as I destroyed the screen of my previous laptop the day before and decided to pull the trigger so that my next one is repairable if I accidentally do it again.

Checking in with a DIY 7840 bare bones w/o GPU, ordered 9/22/23. I currently drive an ASUS TUF, but I’ve learned that I don’t really game much on my laptop, using it mostly for work, so having one with a big battery and without the ASUS bloat will be awesome. Ordered some Crucial RAM and a Sabrent SSD to go inside. Also ordered a thermal pad in case their fixes for the keyboard flex aren’t enough.

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I currently have ordered one RAM stick of 32GB.
Would I change it to 2 * 16GB to have the advantage of dual channel? I’m not going to use it for really heavy applications (video editing,…) or gaming.
Thanks for the advice!

If you plan to add a second stick of 32 in the foreseeable future I’d say stick with the one, if you don’t plan to upgrade anytime soon, go 2x16.

32GB should be more than enough, ok thanks I will mail them to change it!

yes if your goal is 32 GB memory , then switch it to 16x2 as dual channel memory will double bandwidth , incase if you have future plan of 64 GB then keep this 32 GB and in future add another 32 GB stick. am also using the machine for work only so 32 GB will be enough for me and have bought two 16x2 GB cruisal ram . my current work system have 64 GB ram DDR4 and under heavy load am using only 30 GB memory of it. as i have one VM open and about 900 chrome tabs .

Wow. That’s quite a few tabs :slight_smile:
Thanks for the practical advice! I already mailed Framework for 2*16GB and they adjusted my order.

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lol ya dev are like this they do research and dev and solve problems , and then they say ok problem solve now i will document this search data later , and this documentation process for themselves they never did lol due to which they end up with hundreds of tabs open in their browsers which is crying oh document me and close me and which they never do . LOL

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I got a surprise pre-order from my mom for valentines day. She just guessed on the specs so I emailed framework the other day and changed it to a 7940, bring own ram and storage, no secondary storage, no gpu, I am going to reuse the 2x32gb ram kit I bought for my current ThinkPad on my framework when it arrives and buy the storage separately for cheaper or reuse it.

I am someone who uses their laptop a lot and tends to break it. I have had numerous charging ports die, headphone jacks and things like that which would usually require a motherboard swap. I am excited for the possibility of being able to buy parts and fix my laptop myself.

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