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If you have any issues with the SSD screw (or any other screw) please contact the support team and follow the advices they might share. try not to take any additional action unless it’s shown in the installation guides or instructed by the support team.


I have been enjoying my batch 12 laptop even with the standoff issue that I have a workaround of the secondary SSD drive while I wait for the RMA team to get back to me.

Nooooooooooooo…. “Delayed” :sob:

Mine’s just arrived.
Mine went to the Ridgmont Hub first after leaving Stansted, then to my local Distribution Center.

The stops in New Dehli and Dubai were about 2 hrs each, so probably refuel, and partial unloading maybe?

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I treated these screws as I do many screws on such equipment.

When you are ready to turn the screw, turn it counter clockwise slowly until you hear the click of the screw dropping off the end of the thread.
ONLY then, turn it carefully clockwise. The should be no resistance and the screw head should be flat and not tilted, to the plane of the laptop.


This is a good technique for everything threaded, turn it opposite to the way it’s to be threaded in/on (depending on right or left handed threading, usually righty-tighty thread), feel for the flush/aligned settling of the mating surfaces, then screw the part on/in.


Mine has just this minute arrived, it was supposed to be by 11:40, but they seem to be running somewhat late. Still, I had the front door open by the time the lady had it out of the back of the truck, so she didn’t have to wait in the rain.

Mine followed the same route as yours, to the Ridgmont hub and then local distribution centre.

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Mines sitting at Ridgmont, probably all weekend now, sigh

Don’t worry, even though I have received mine I can’t do much until the memory arrives … :sob:

Yeah, that’s usually how I do screws, at least smaller ones with finer threading, since it’s easier to screw those up.

I’m VERY careful with those teensy m.2 screws. Man those are so easy to lose!

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I ordered all the parts when the first email arrived, then it took a week to ship, now a week to arrive, everything’s a week lol

:+1: :pray:

I bought a kit of spare screws in various sizes last year. Have not needed them yet, but insurance is cheap.

I am at the end of day 2.
Just realized earlier today, that in my rush to bring it up to speed I fogot to do the bios update. LOL.
But I have not had an issue.
Too busy to get the finger print reader set up. Maybe tomorrow.

On my previous laptop, I have a LOT of files I need here. I was going to use a USB drive to copy it over.
Then, I thought why not try out Warpinator? (installs with Linux Mint…)
It can copy over the local network.
So I also set up AnyDesk, so I could work both the new and the old from the new FW.
Copied files.
Then copied selected config files.
With that, Thunderbird came up with all my 7 email accounts all set up and with the old mail. (except one is just historical, dead account)

And Firefox came up with all my complete history, bookmarks, open windows, and open tabs.

LibreOffice also all set up with a bit of tweaking.

Linux Mint config also mostly transferred, just needed a bit of tweaking.

The keyboard and screen are great, speed is fantastic, and plenty of RAM left even though a lot of windows are open.
Snappy processor (AMD)
This will make life easier.


This morning was a perfect example of why I bought a Framework: Slid it into my backpack this morning, backpack popped off the hook, and jumped onto the ground with my FW in it. Screen frame bent a bit inwards from the hit, spent 10 minutes later that day taking out the display and bending the frame back flat. Beautiful and no hassle :slight_smile:


So is there a checklist of things Batch 12 have encountered and should check for?

So far I have

  • dodgy ssd screw, 2280 only?
  • mid plate not fitting correctly
  • screen pinched by bezel
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1 of my 2 color shift keyboard spacers had a mis-aligned sticker, preventing it from fully seating properly into the laptop. After taking a number of pictures to prove to support, I trimmed off the top of the sticker carefully with an Xacto knife & box cutters so I could get it to slip in properly, so I could seat it and close the lid without risking the screen.

After a bit of back and forth, support is sending me a new one.

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Only had my laptop for 2 days and love it, the only thing I ran into was I installed Windows 10 and tried to upgrade to Windows 11 and it does not work and from the searching I did I found I have to install Windows 11 fresh instead of upgrading


MS would probably be hitting you on Win 10 to upgrade to Win 11 if you ran with 10 long enough. They were hammering me with that 2 plus years ago.
I have run every MS OS since and including DOS. I just got tired of the badgering over 2 years ago, and moved my 5 laptops then to Linux Mint.

Got the fingerprint reader working on two fingers.
It was a terminal based install and config.