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Once I got fprintd installed on Linux, KDE picked it right up so I could use it to unlock pretty easily. Also works for sudo and other similar dialogs to validate my user account.

Had an actual UI dialog, so didn’t need to actually use the CLI at all.

Same here, Linux Mint picked it up after it was installed. I don’t know if there is a dialog to install. The command line install and config worked well.

No dialog for me (Debian Testing with KDE) to install it, but once installed everything picked up everything right away. I think I might have had to reboot, don’t remember.

No reboot for me. In fact, My uptime dates from the first boot and login; at least the same day.
up 5 days, 3:47, 1 user
If I apply the bios update, that will change. But…everything is working and I have things to do.

Yay, it arrived :tada::tada:


3 days to get to Oz.
Taiwan - Philippines
Philippines - China
China - Japan
Japan - Singapore
and Singapore - Australia.
After 9 days held in customs in Oz, it looks like it’s finally on the move again. Fingers crossed for delivery this week.

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Seems to be out for delivery for me now - can’t wait!

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Mine arrived in BNE this morning. Couple of days???

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Does FedEx require signature on delivery? Usually they should drop it off afaik but the tracker shows that they’ve failed to deliver. Am in Sydney

Supposed to be required signature unless you indicate it is not required.

Ah, is there a way to ask them to drop off the package with no signature? There doesn’t seem to be an option on the given tracking site.

I think it was an option on the FedEx site. I did not choose it so not sure about where it was. Do a search for signature on this FW site.

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Batch 19er here, how is the cooling on the laptops? Are the fans super loud, does it get super hot, or anything else of note?

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Mine was marked as no signature required from initial shipping

I am not doing gaming, and do not have the add-on to the rear for that.
So am doing internet and servers, documents, etc. I have not noticed the fans.
I needed the FW for speed and RAM 64GB, plus some other niceties.
For me, this is a dream replacing the struggle I was having.

Edit: My hearing is not perfect by far, having poor hearing for higher frequencies, perhaps partly caused by environment when young.
So your mileage may vary.

So for general use it’s nice and quiet. That’s great to hear as my current laptop can get noisy just from doing basic stuff.

You can make it noisy.

The dGPU seems to expel air quite hard, and the iGPU can too, with the “right” settings.

my FW laptop 16 without dGPU does not heat up very much. I don’t exceed 70°C (158°F) in game (which is around 24FPS for a construction game) the noise doesn’t bother me. and the heat is felt especially near the battery. but in average task, the fans are quiet. in light task, it doesn’t even turn

Finally… It has arrived, intact and undamaged. :grin: Very happy. Thanks to the support team… Cheers