FW16 Batch 18 Guild

I ended up canceling my batch 11 pre-order and reordering to delay the expense…not a cheap laptop but will be the 3rd Framework in the family.

Now im a batch 18’er like you all.

Ryzen 7 7840HS
Expansion bay shell
Orange bezel
LED Matrix panels
RGB keyboard
3x Type-C

Separately picked up 2x32GB RAM and a 4TB SN850X back on Black Friday…


Batch 18 too, very hyped about getting my dream laptop even though this is probably the most expensive piece of tech I’ve ever owned :sweat_smile:
Ryzen™ 7 7840HS
Expansion Bay Shell
DDR5-5600 - 32GB (2 x 16GB)
WD_BLACK™ SN850X NVMe™- M.2 2280 - 1TB
French Keyboard
Bezel - Lavender
2 x USB-C
2 x USB-A
1x HDMI (3rd Gen)
1x Ethernet
1x DisplayPort (2nd Gen)
1x Audio
1x Lavender Spacer
1x LED Matrix

Can’t wait to program the LED Matrix to be a cat or a bunch of indicators


It’s definitely the most expensive laptop I’ve ever bought, possibly even more expensive than my desktop, I can’t remember.

I’m starting to regret not getting one of the LED matrix modules, but we’ll see how attached I am to the numpad after using it for a while. Maybe I’ll pick one up when the FW16 modules open up on the marketplace.


Another batch 18’er here! Can’t wait to get that delightful email!

Set my purse up that when I hear my card scream, I’ll check ^^


Hi everyone, I ordered my laptop a few weeks ago and have been following the batch status since they shipped batch 7. Today both Batch 9 and 10 shipped! From what I can tell they generally ship a batch once a week! Sometimes they take a couple of weeks for any change but then two have been shipped. Rough guess but I would assume Batch 18 will be shipped by the end of May to the beginning of June give or take a few weeks. If anyone’s interested I ordered:

Ryzen 7 7840HS
AMD Radeon RX 7700S GPU
WD_Black SN770S 2TB SSD
Crucial RAM 32GB DDR4 x2
USB C expansion card
USB A expansion card x4
HDMI expansion card
Windows 11 Pro
Black spacers and black bezel
Power adaptor
British English keyboard

Edit: I miscalculated my estimated date, it’s more likely to be mid June


I’m also batch 18. I ordered the end of February so I’m starting to get excited! It looks like we are only a few batches out now. I ordered:
Ryzen™ 7 7840HS
No GPU at this point, maybe later.
WD_Black SN770 2TB SSD
Kingston Fury 2x16GB DDR4
Standard US English keyboard
Numpad Module
Orange Bezel
180W Power Adaptor
Expansion Cards:
3 x USB-A
2 x USB-C
2 x HDMI (3rd Gen)


In worse scenario batch 18 in 8 weeks. If two a week, in 4? That seems to be reasonable. I would like the Engineering Team and Product Delivery Team to take their time, no pressure from this customer! The best products are the products that are given the time to execute properly. Thank You Engineering and Product Delivery Team!


I think we’ll be getting the preparation emails end of May and start shipping laptops early June. They’re averaging about 4 - 5 business days per batch, so some weeks there’s 2 batches going out (1 Monday and 1 Friday) other weeks, there’s only 1 (Tues - Thurs).

Like you, I’m in no rush. I just set the money aside and now am just waiting.

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I agree they make a great product! We have the 13’s and we are really enthusiastic about the 16’s. We made the decision to standardize on FW. It makes sense from the maintenance, from front end adoption to tail end recycle to the work force.

Our 13’s the past few years have been solid and we are very pleased with the expansion boards and forthcoming shells. Framework Engineering and Product delivery have not given us any pause. Of course, sometimes things will happen but that is life on Mother Earth; its how we choose to manage it! We choose, reason, logic, and solid communication to which I can attest Framework Support is World Class.

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Another update: Batch 11 just shipped as well!!!


Oops. Wrong button.

Well, here we are fellow 18’ers! We have arrived in the month of ‘may’be we’ll get the promised email’ !!

Praise be unto the working frame!


Yay, we just have to wait for a few days!

Batch 12: 2nd May!!!

It’s looking even closer than I expected! I’m estimating beginning of June to Mid June for Batch 18 shipping


I just thought you might appreciate this:

Estimates based on previous batches (excluding 1-3) and showing the very earliest dates of email (blue), card charged (yellow) and laptop arrived (green)


Considering I was originally expecting to get the prep email end of May / early June, this is looking great!

7th May we got Batch 13! Getting closer every week!

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Apparently batch 15 are getting emails too! According to those mean bactch 16’ers

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The most recent emails have been ramping up in speed, so it might be even earlier than those dates.

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I decided to order some spacers, extra expansion cards, and an LED Matrix module once I saw they were available on the Framework store separately from the laptop. I honestly didn’t expect Framework to get this order as fast as they did, so I now I just have to wait for the laptop itself to arrive!


Here we go, next week will be our week! It’s getting closer!