FW16 Batch 18 Guild

Hi everyone, a little thread just not to feel alone in batch 18!

Pre-ordered DIY:

  • Ryzen 9 7940HS,
  • Graphics Module,
  • RGB US Keyboard,
  • DisplayPort (2nd Gen),
  • HDMI (3rd Gen),
  • 3 x USB-A,
  • USB-C,

I took RAM (Kingston Fury Impact PnP 5600Mhz 64Gb) and storage (Sabrent 2230 1To, Samsung 990 Pro 1To) separately.


Hey! I was wondering when this thread would pop up. I’m in batch 18 as well, just ordered yesterday. I have the 7840HS because that seems good enough for me, especially with the potential to upgrade in the future. I am not doing the graphics module YET, may do it later when I find out about an event where gaming may be involved I’ll be going to where my Steam Deck isn’t sufficient, haha.

I’m a bit on the fence about the RGB keyboard. I’m a numpad nerd, so I will be getting that as well, but yeah. I like to keep things pretty minimalistic and I’m not a HUGE gamer aesthetic fan, so simple backlighting seems good enough :slight_smile:

One thing I’m confused about is where Framework communicates on what batches they are currently shipping to? I know they say they won’t give time estimates on future batches, but I believe I read somewhere they do disclose what batch(es) they are shipping to currently. Is there somewhere to see that other than guessing from people saying their payments were processed in the other batch threads?


Yup the Ryzen 7 is also very good :grin:

I’m not aware of any communication about the batches being sent… Our best guess is only this forum

I mean some of this is technically available on the order page itself as (seemingly, IIRC they did this on the 13AMD which I was following for a bit) when a batch completes shipping they change the “Sold Out” text to “Shipped”.

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Hey there. Framework communicates directly with the customers, via email. However, you can find which batches are currently being shipped by checking out forums (like this thread), our Discord server or the subreddit.

As of today, Batches 1, 2 and 3 are being shipped. Batch 4 has not received any communication about their batch yet.


Thanks so much for this update! Some great resources here, just joined your discord.

In this batch too, looking forward to getting this

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These are my people.

Found my way here via the Oxide and Friends podcast. Loved what I heard. Maybe a tough wait, but deposit left happily.

Am I the only one who is in absolutely no rush (and kinda hoping for a very slight delay) to hit that sweet Prime Day sale on SSDs in early July?

Although I’m not hoping for a delay, I’m not in a rush too, good things comes to those who know how to wait ahah!

Yeah definitely not in a rush myself. My current laptop is starting to show its age, but I’m happy to get another several more months out of it until I can get my framework 16. Also means there will be more time for cool innovations and software improvements, stuff like that.

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Welcome, I am in the batch 18, just waiting for manual verification of my order.

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Hey, just ordered my Laptop 16 and I had a question, does anyone know if Batch 18 is going to be shipped before July? Thanks a lot <3

Regarding delivery, the latest info available is here:

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Signed up for Batch 18 last week. DIY, Ryzen 7, 32 GB single, 2 TB + 0.5 TB SSD, no graphics module. Got permission from my spouse to order it as my 5-year old HP is being held together with duct tape. Otherwise, it’s fine. She thinks it’s wrong to have to put down a deposit. She doesn’t understand, yet. :slight_smile:

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Hey there, another one reporting for batch 18 guild!

Ryzen 7, 2x16GB DDR5, 1TB SN850X, no graphics module, international ANSI Linux keyboard.

Currently working on a company provided macbook pro which tbh hasn’t been that bad (in big part thanks to Yabai) but want to start working on side projects on my free time and really miss using Linux. I’m so onboard everything FW stands for (repairability, upgradeability, customization, open source module designs, Linux support, etc), so yeah, really looking forward to get my hands on this laptop!

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+1 for just needing to get away from MacOS. If Framework had some premium 5k USD+ option similar to Macbooks and better hardware, that would be an instant buy for me (and possibly a better sell to tech companies), but can’t complain with what we’ve got!

Ryzen™ 7 7840HS - DDR5-5600 - 32GB (2 x 16GB) - SN850X NVMe™- M.2 2280 (2TB) - Graphics Module - DisplayPort (2nd Gen) (:fu: HDMI) - 3x USB-A - 2x USB-C

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In Batch18 as well. First time buying a $1k+ laptop and very excited for it to be a framework. I loved the idea of Framework’s laptops back when the 13 was announced and have been eagerly waiting for them to do a larger model. Part of me is happy to be in the later batches since hopefully it means a lot of bugs and QoL issues are fixed by the time the laptop arrives. Using this as an opportunity to dive back into Linux as well. Haven’t used Linux for my daily driver since college.

Ryzen 7840HS
2x8 GB DDR5
English US Keyboard + Numpad
Self-Provided Samsung 990 EVO 1 TB SSD
2x USB C ports
2x USB A ports
1x HDMI port
1x Micro SD Slot

I opted to by my own 100W Anker power supply for something even smaller than the framework power brick and since I won’t have a GPU, it should be more than enough to charge the battery while using the laptop.

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I too am out here in the very last batch. First new laptop I’m purchasing!

Chose the Ryzen 7 with a single 16gb stick of memory, 2x USB-A and 3x USB-C. I’m bringing my 512gb SSD from my XPS 13 I have already. Pretty excited to have such a modular computer; the keyboard deck modules remind me a lot of Project Ara!


Batch 18 gang :smiley:

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