FW16 Batch 20 Guild

DIY Max Spec and GPU, w/o RAM/SSD.
I bought a 96GB SKHYNIX Kit from Korea and will be doing a SN850 SSD.

I didn’t order the 180w PSU by accident so I bought that separately like 3 weeks ago and is back ordered it seems as it hasn’t shipped yet.

I do have a 100w Dell I can use, but no hardcore until I get an adequate PSU.

Edit - looks to ship from NJ, so should have it quickly!

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Interesting. I ordered a DIY 7840HS with GPU & Bay, w/o RAM/SSD. It occurred to me that maybe pre-assembled units were shipping faster, so I figured I’d ask since I’m also in the States. Here’s hoping it ships sooner rather than later.

So I’ve built 99% of my FW16 Batch 20 (Ryzen 9 DIY build with no SSD/RAM or OS). Just have to move my SSD over from my FW13 and reinstall Win11 which will probably be later this week or on the weekend as I’m using these for work.

Looking forward to getting it operational & also ordering an Oculink eGPU setup for it :smiley:

Are you saying you’ve already received your Batch 20 FW16? I just saw shipment notifications going out for U.S.A

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Yes, already received and almost finished setup.


everyone in Europe hopes for the e-mail: “it’s shipping time”


Well I’m over in the states and I just got my shipping email. Seems estimated delivery time is 2 days. Hopefully that’s when I actually get it.


I wonder what’s holding up my shipping notification then. I’m also in the States, so I don’t see why it hasn’t shipped out yet.

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I also haven’t had my laptop shipped yet. I’m hoping it’s because of the ungodly amount of items I’ve put in the order and not something else :sweat_smile:


Im sure its part of many things like when in the batch you ordered, what you ordered, any customizations from the standard, etc. Not sure if it being a pre built vs diy kit has made a difference in shipping notifications but they should probably come out today or tmr. Im the states and havent gotten mine either

Lol that’s what I’m thinking/hoping/praying too :sweat_smile:

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I’m in the States, and mine is a DIY kit with pretty much everything (except for storage and memory), and I also added two LED Matrix spacers on top of that. So yeah… :skull:

Its okay i trust framework to eventually get that shipped out to you lolll

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I do too, that’s why I gave them the money lmao

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I still haven’t gotten mine :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear: (I’m also in the US)

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USA Texas here. Got my email. Estimated 6/13. I got my email at 3am this morning

My config

Ryzen 7
Clear RGB keyboard
RGB macropad


Bring your own OS, SSD , memory , and power brick.

Who knows if it will get stuck in customs or not though.


My excitement is getting real really fast and I can’t wait. Estimated delivery is 13 June.


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Just got the supporting EGPU goodies for the FW!
(RAM not pictured)

Was going for the SN850x but MC had a big sale and got the 2TB really cheap.


What eGPU dock did you end up going with?

This was the one I went with… technically supports full Gen4 PCI-Express at 64Gb/s.


Can’t find jack for enclosures though… might buy a cheap SFF PC case and custom build it out with that card/adapter and Radiator/Pump.