FW16 Batch 5 Guild

I plan on putting on my Dbrand skin and putting stuff on that. I don’t like the idea of sticker bombing directly on the laptop surface because I’ll never know if I end up hating it in the future and it’ll be a pain to remove. With the skin, it’s a not a problem.


zippo lighter fluid, washes adhesive right off, so I peel off a sticker as best I can without worrying too much, then use lighter fluid on a cotton ball to clean it up.

My laptop made it to Cologne, so it should be delivered tomorrow. It’d have been so awesome to get it on Friday… Whatever, sometimes I just don’t get lucky ^^

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Yus, it finally arrived today!

I transferred my m.2 SSD and the RAM from the FL13 to the FL16 and everything went smoothly, besides having to boot into a live usb to create a boot entry with grub-install.
Basically I agree on what most people have said about this laptop, like the great keyboard and the not so great fit of the touchpad spacers.

My only major complaint would be the dGPU, it’s a bit weak in comparison to the price and other parts of the laptop. Luckily it’s upgradable, so I don’t have to worry too much about future proofing.

Typed on the awesome FL16 keyboard :​D


Just had fedex try to deliver without even knocking or ringing bell and just left slip :frowning:

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I have had them on numerous occasions not even leave the slip and just drive by my house, I don’t know why any company ships through FedEx, they are by far the worst in my experience. Last week I had one throw my package on my patio, and take the “proof of delivery” pic while moving back to his car, so that the picture was a blurry shot of my bushes, with no evidence of a package. It looked like he threw the package and took the pic from the vehicle without ever coming to a stop


It’s bad enough if I have a package coming through them I go wait outside and video them driving past, so if FedEx tries to lie I can call their bluff.


i have had that with UPS my cams run 24x7 and have redlines where motion was and UPS never even drove with in frame which is hard as its a fish eye and covers every square inch…called UPS HQ they got me in touch with a local super found out dude marked it as no one home over a mile away…the super was pissed and told me turns out he missed the package once he realized it just marked it as no one home needless to say she said i will never see that driver again…on the good side my address is now marked and having cameras and have never had that issue since.

Have had a few issues with fedex but used to know the area delivery manager personally (family friend) till he retired ~3 yrs ago. and needless to say, after 1-2 messups(throwing HDDS 20-30ft) and going straight to him I have a feeling my account/address is marked with them to treat with respect or you are toast…

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Finally Received! YESSS
Fedora installation complete. I can play with it. :sunglasses:

all look to work.


Oh, good good. Easily obtainable materials. Now I gotta break out the PPE and start building!

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I love this thing.
Only issue with the blank keyboard is the fn layer with media control and stuff, luckily it’s the same as on the FL13. I might update my keyboard config and other things in the future, as I didn’t like how the fn stuff works anyways. The F1-12 row is just uncomfortable to reach, and I always had to look even on the FL13. Something like the Miryoku with some custom additions might be what I want.

We love our Chevy Bolt. There are fancier cars that have longer range and are more fun to drive, but it’s brilliant basic transportation.

Oh no, my screen has a stuck green pixel :​(

I just discovered it, not sure how long it’s been there. Gonna contact support I guess :​/

Okay, it seems to have resolved itself!
A friend of mine saw it as well, it remained after power off and was visible during boot (uefi) as well. It got dimmer over time and now it’s fully gone/working again.
It couldn’t just be a dust spec, as it was emitting green light (unless it’s a quantum dust spec, lol).

Weird, but I’m happy it’s gone.

I took my new FW16 to work because several of my coworkers wanted to see it. I think me showing it at work is going to generate several orders for Framework. Word-of-mouth advertising strikes again.


Got mine delivered last week and as the DIY version got it setup a couple of days ago.


  • System: Ryzen™ 9 7940HS
  • Expansion Bay Module: Graphics Module (AMD Radeon™ RX 7700S)
  • Power Adapter: 180W Power Adapter
  • Power Adapter Region: UK / IE / HK / SG
  • Memory: DDR5-5600 - 64GB (2 x 32GB)
  • Storage: Western Digital SN740 NVMe™ - M.2 2230 - 1TB
  • Storage: WD_BLACK™ SN770 NVMe™- M.2 2280 - 2TB
  • Keyboard: British English
  • Expansion Bay: Expansion Bay Shell
  • 1xUSB-A Expansion Card
  • 3xUSB-C Expansion Cards
  • 1xHDMI (3rd Gen) Expansion Card
  • Laptop Bezel: Framework Laptop 16 Bezel - Lavender
  • 1xEthernet Expansion Card
  • Spacers: Orange, Lavender

The setup went seamlessly well in less than 90 minutes of careful work :grinning:
Installed Fedora 38 on main SSD and setup secondary SSD with a small partition so far for code development. Tools installed well and setup SSH/GPG keys fine.
Hit some problems with Yubikey setup (Yubikey 5C NFC) but mostly related to Linux as the key works fine on my Macbook Air.

Impressed with the speed and performance so far. :white_check_mark: :rocket:

SendToPuertoRico had a delay where their containers weren’t accepted because of an external issue, so I had to wait another 10 days (unfortunately) But ALAS I finally have it! <3


Hm, my stuck pixel keeps on coming back and leaving, sometimes flickering as well. I tried to reconnect the display cable as support told me to, but now there’s some artifacts on the screen. I must’ve damaged the cable/connector during the procedure, I’m not sure. I tried to be really careful, but it was hard to align the cable with the connector without applying some force on the connector.

I documented what I did and asked support, I’m curious how this will turn out.

Currently the laptop isn’t really usable without an external screen, sadly. The left screen is fine, but the right side has some flickering lines, kind of like interlaced videos.

I’d have loved to be part of the Batch 5 Guild, but it’s not meant to be.

Initially, I ordered my DIY Framework Laptop 16 and was placed in Batch 5. (It would have been an earlier Batch no., but due to website problems while customizing my laptop it took me more time.)

While the delays during testing and production were a bummer, I loved how Framework was open about them, explaining the cause in detail. However, my life didn’t come to a halt and I had to adjust shipping addresses, thereby changing the country.

Unfortunately Framework support wasn’t able to transfer my order to the new country. My address was even automatically changed back right before shipping without my authorization meaning my credit card would have been charged and the laptop shipped to an address where I’m no longer. I was forced to cancel my order and create a new one, which now puts me in Batch 19.

Framework was able to adjust the batch no. for customers who experienced problems during checkout, but are unwilling to restore my place in line.

This is just meant as a caution for current or prospective customers. If you might move across countries while waiting for your laptop, better place an order for both countries and cancel the one you don’t need right before it ships.

I wished Framework were as open concerning their reasoning in this case, but I didn’t get a satisfying explanation. This way I feel cheated of my place in line nearly loosing money along the way.

Hey Skybird, I’m sorry you have experience this and you are going to have to wait a little bit longer for your Framework Laptop 16. Due to many different reasons (including the logistics and different taxes in different countries) it’s not possible for us to change the delivery address from one country to another one.

Sharing this knowledge base article here (which was recently updated) for other customers who wish to change their address.

Thanks for understanding, hope you enjoy your laptop once you receive it.

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