Gaming Setup: i5-1135G7 + RTX 3070ti?

Hello everyone!

I’m in the November batch and excited to get my hands on the Framework laptop. I intend to use it primarily for work, but I’d like to use it as a gaming laptop whenever I travel. I intend to purchase the ADT-Link eGPU and this power supply to facilitate this.

I already game using an RTX 3070ti in a desktop computer. Here’s my question: if I use the RTX 3070ti to game on my Framework whenever I travel, how will it perform with the i5-1135G7 CPU? Will games like Call of Duty or the Witcher III be playable?

Much thanks!

I’d suggest getting a Razer Core X (maybe second hand) rather than that crazy setup from AliExpress if you are going to be traveling with it.