Need help what to choose

Hello, I’m new here, discovered Framework last night and loved it. But since I am such a noob in this stuff. I would be more than happy if someone could guide me what to choose. So basically I need laptop for everyday use, work, light gaming (not some triple A games, just basic) and in near future I’m starting web design (no need to upgrade now if I can later) but not sure can I get all of that with Framework, no offense, I just don’t know what is best for my needs. Appreciate every help. Thanks!

all of that is fine on the framework laptop, and you can also play triple a games if you want. you won’t get 1440p 90 fps and ray tracing but as a compromise it’s fine. the hardware supports windows and linux perfectly.

edit: i have the lowest end CPU and it withstands disco elysium and age of empires 3 DE / 4, emulated, on linux, at max resolution.


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I would go for the i7 1260 mid range. I have the i7 1165 the older mid range.
RAM always use 2 x * as it is a faster option running two lanes simultaneously.

The more RAM the more battery drain etc.

I went for 2 x 8Gb and 512GB SSD but if you want to compile an OS you will want 450GB just to stash the working files, so I would suggest at the 1TB if you intend programming.

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@marco thanks for more info. Fact that it can support triple A games is just made me one step further to buy it. Thanks :smiley:

@amoun hey, thanks
Hmm to be honest I would rather go for 11th gen i7 bc It’s a little more affordable. When it comes to working I don’t have that much files most of work is the online programs. But I think I will go for lower SSD bc I can always upgrade when I actually start learning web design. I’ll include your tips for sure. Thanks

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i think you should get the latest model “just in case”. i haven’t looked at benchmarks but it’s possible that a 12th gen i5 outperforms a 11th gen i7. i got the i5 because i7 benchmarks weren’t spectacular in comparison (and price, of course). as for the ssd i’d recommend 1TB. worst case you do like i did and buy the DIY version and then figure out ram and ssd on your own.

edit: here’s a comparison. it looks like the 1240P has the same gpu as the 1135G7 (the one i own) which is less powerful than the 1165’s. however, like i said, for a laptop, this GPU is more than enough, so if i were you i would still pick the 1240P, so, low end 12th gen vs mid 11th gen.

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Yes web design doesn’t use hardly any space I was think you may want to buils a whole OS for your phone, for example :slight_smile:

Starting as in ‘starting to learn about’, or ‘starting your own business’ (independent web designer)?

In most cases, go with the i7-1260 as @amoun mentioned…but only after you’ve seen the reviews (when they come out). Also, “web design” is very wide…is there a particular discipline you’re focusing on? That may give some additional clues as to what you need for hardware.

I’ll add another bump for the midrange CPU. However, RAM is going to be a bottleneck for web design (any programming-adjacent task means a lot of chrome tabs).

Don’t set your gaming expectations too high, indies+classics are pretty much the limit on the internal graphics. For example, I could only run Rocket League (not even the most demanding or anywhere near triple-A) at 30fps on minimum settings at 1080p. 2D performance is very good however, and it is a pretty respectable midrange when rendering animations or video.

@marco thanks for that much effort to help me choose :D, well if I look up 124OP DIY edition with only added CPU, RAM and SSD it’s in same price range as the 11 gen. So at the end I could work out Windows for cheaper.

@amoun I mean I’m still deciding between UI/UX design and web design but like I said no need to upgrade now if I can add more storage and RAM later. I just need to choose right CPU and laptop :smiley:


As starting to learn. That seems like the best option, to wait for reviews, at the end I’m focusing to buy something that will last.


Job I am doing now requires at least 10 tabs but I have home computer for that.

I don’t need anything more, I’m not that much of a gamer. But thanks for helping :smiley:

On what? Windows 10. You can check how much RAM is being used then multiply that by 4 :slight_smile:

if speed isn’t an issue then just one 1 16GB may do. If you want speed you will want 2 x *

Why would I want speed, games, video editing nope :slight_smile:

On the subject of RAM, keep in mind that the (integrated) graphics performance is heavily tied to the total bandwidth of your RAM, so having 2 sticks is going to help even if it were the exact same capacity as a single stick.

And of course, faster speed RAM farther helps things (though XMP being uncommon on laptops makes things a bit tricky - the safest bet is that loose timings e.g. CL19 for DDR4-3200 likely means it doesn’t require XMP)