Garuda Linux

Built and installed following the basic tips on Garuda’s home page. No issues so far, but then I’ve not tested everything. If anyone wants me to test specific features (and I have that hardware) I’ll be playing with the 16 for a while before settling on a (or several…) *nix distribution to use so do ask.

Would you mind installing power-profile-daemon, set it up and then check your power consumption? (idle and youtube videos on full hd or higher)
I am really worried how easy it will be to set up power saving tools on the 16…

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power-profiles-daemon was installed already (by default or maybe I clicked to add a software bundle, don’t recall). In balanced mode a quick and dirty test gets me ~9 hours on idle, a bit over 5 hours running full screen 1080HD YouTube videos.

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Ok, thank you very much for your fast answer :blush:
First I thought “only 5 hours?” but then I imagined that 5 hours is an entire afternoon and that is great :star_struck:
My current laptop turns off after 45 minutes when watching youtube videos, so the 16 will be a huge improvement!

I didn’t watch videos for 5 hours for sure :slight_smile: Had a Triumph 1200GT update review to watch so it made a reasonable test.