Germany: Selling Micro SD Module / Looking for HDMI Module


I ordered by accident an Micro SD Module with my Framework Laptop. I didn’t open the package, so it is new and original. I’m happy to sell it for 20 Euro or trade it for an HDMI module in exchachange. Price would be the same like marketplace, but I pay for the shipping (Standard shipping, inside Germany). If you for pay the shipping, I can send it somewhere else.

Currently the shipping costs from the Marketplace to Germany are 30 Euro (except for Laptops, iirc). So you could save shipping costs, if you only need this Mirco SD Module.

If you have spare HDMI Module, new or 2nd hand, I’m interested to buy it. Alternately, If you plan to buy a Framework Laptop from Germany, I’m interested to order a HDMI Modul with your order and would pay for the Shipping from your destination to my home.

My offer is for personal use and I have no profit interest. :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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The Micro SD Module has a new owner. But I’m still interested in purchasing a HDMI Modul while avoiding shipping costs from Taiwan. :smiley:

Someone shared this website on Framework Reddit. It’s UK based. So, I expect the shipping cost is reasonable.