Getting Windows 11 by buying Windows 10 license?

The title pretty much says it all:
I got myself a shiny Framework DIY Edition and am currently in the process of getting started. I assembled the laptop, everything works fine and now I need to install an OS: So, can I buy a license for Win10, install Win10 and then upgrade to Win11? Or is this only possible for computers, which already had Win10 installed, when Win11 launced? It just seems weird, if you could buy a half-as-cheap Win10 license and then get Win11…

Windows 10 and Windows 11 retail pricing should be the same (barring questionable websites selling for below MSRP). You can upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free, or even use a Windows 10 Product Key directly to activate a Windows 11 installation.


That’s what I did with the key supplied by Framework, worked without issues.

On mine, I just bought a Windows 11 Pro license (using a friend’s spouse’s MSFT employee discount) and installed the distribution from MSFT web site with the beta drivers from this site. It’s worked fine.