Glossy screen for Ryzen option

Hi all! Just joined the community.

I’ve got a small question - in the configuration steps for Ryzen-based Framework 13, I don’t see an option for glossy screen. I read in the announcement that these will be supplied with new matte screens. However, is it still possible to configure one with glossy screen instead?


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Very unfortunately there is not :frowning:
May be possible to get all the components individually, but it may be more expensive, I haven’t checked.
You can’t add glossy screens due to the scale of the company, and added logistic complexity the 2x more combinations would cause!
The easiest option would just be to get the Laptop and get the glossy screen later.


Thank you @Shiroudan ! I understand. Possibly getting a glossy option later is an option indeed.


@Vitaliy_Vlasov If you buy the glossy screen later, I think you will be able to very easily find members of the community willing to buy your matte one!


@Vitaliy_Vlasov I would straight up trade you my glossy screen for your matte one when it comes in.


I don’t understand why they won’t allow you to customize the display you want on your new DIY Framework. I like glossy displays much better but don’t want to pay an extra 200€ for it when I should be able to configure it this way out of the box.

Side note: Also the hoops you have to jump through to get basic information on the display! I was only able to know the aspect ratio and resolution by going to Marketplace > Parts > Display > Original > Specs. I wonder why this information isn’t available when configuring the computer you’re trying to buy.

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I think it’s quite okay for now. As other people here I would happily trade my glossy screen with a matte one.

Why the DIY version does not allow for a selection of display option … good question.
Maybe a Framework bee could chime in …

I own the 2022 version of framework laptop with a glossy screen.
Anyone with a matte screen and want to swap, please send me a message.

Honestly, maybe it is better like that! (1) A lot of owners were unsatisfied with their glossy screens, and now instead of becoming e-waste they have the option to trade them for the matte screens of new owners who want glossy displays!

(1): Assuming new owners won’t prefer to get brand new glossy screens over second-hand ones…


Yes that’s the assuming part, I’d much prefer getting a brand new glossy one (especially considering I live in France and the pool of Framework owners willing to trade overseas would probably be quite a bit smaller)