Trading / Selling / Alternative uses for a glossy display?

Hey everyone!

With the release of the matte display kit, I can see a lot of people (including myself) moving to the matte display. However, I was wondering what would happen to most of the glossy screens that are going to be replaced in all those 11th and 12th gen Frameworks.

Personally, I would love to have a matte screen. However, I can’t really justify paying for an entire new display kit and then having my glossy screen become e-waste. I’ve seen the idea of trading between users being mentioned a few times on the forum like Glossy screen for Ryzen option. Surely there will be users of 13th gen and 7040-series Frameworks that would prefer to have a glossy screen!

Perhaps this thread could become a hub for people who are interested in selling/trading their glossy displays? At least, until the planned expansion to the Framework Marketplace that will allow users to sell their used parts! (I would love an update on this, by the way, even though I appreciate how much of a nightmare it must be to implement)

Hopefully more folks who have switched to the matte screen can chime in with their plans for their old glossy panels!

This post was brought to you by a disasterous matte screen protector application :stuck_out_tongue:


You could try to make a diy portable screen out of it with a controller and a 3d printed enclosure.