GPU Expansion Card Connection and Dimensions

Hey Framework Community,

I’m trying to put together a kind of Cyberdeck and I’m gathering what information I can on the dimensions and how it (The discrete Framework 16 GPU unit) connects to the main board.

Anyone with a Framework 16 in hand or just with the knowledge post some pictures or measurements would be greatly appreciated. I know the Framework team is feverishly working to get a lot of info and units out, so their support, while helpful, is taxed.

Also as a tag-along any thoughts on the 16 and GPU module would also be of interest to me just from a general sense to see if it’s a right fit for the build anyway.

Thanks ahead of time :slight_smile:

There’s no-one with an FW16 in hand, not released yet.

Specs are likely on the Framework Github : Framework · GitHub

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One can deduce based on product images that the Radeon RX 7700S GPU module is as long and as thick as the entire laptop, and we’re given units for the laptop with the module installed. So, it’s 356.58mm long and 20.95mm thick.
We can only estimate how deep it is, but we’re given that the fans in the GPU module are 75mm (though this could only be the internal diameter) and they occupy all of the internal depth of the module. That just leaves us to guess at the depth of the “chin” in the back, which appears to be in the ballpark of 36 mm from a rough estimate (see attached image), which would make the depth around 110-120mm? Use this estimate at your own risk.

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i find myself startled to realize that the dimensions aren’t documented in the github expansion bay repo as of yet.

at least we have the electrical pinouts?